Run 2009

Run 2009

Run: Run 2009


Location:Surfers  Paradise

Hare: Moonbeams

Hashers: ?

Lest we forget….yes, ANZAC DAY today….and a fine way to finish such an auspicious day was by also celebrating Moonbeams’ 77th birthday…all the way from the wilds of….CASCADE GARDENS!! Yes, that tried and tested urban venue so familiar and so loved by us all! Well, that’s the case for me anyway, for the reason that I can walk here from my house and don’t have to worry about all this drink-driving stuff! Brilliant!


Tonight was also a night for visitors…and it was pleasing to see that they were all made to feel very welcome by us all, with many of us greeting them all and welcoming them to our Hash. As Mme Latrine pointed out at one stage, wherever you go in the world, the best way to meet people is by hooking up with the local Hash and instantly you are a member of a family…well, we hope that you all feel the same when you come to us…so, welcome to Bomber from Wellington, Lion from Myanmar, Sweat Hog from Kowloon, Scrubber from Adelaide and Katoy Boy from Bucharest.


The Run:


The host tonight, Moonbeams, welcomed us all to his birthday run and immediately apologised for what he perceived was going to be a low-quality run..”I’m sorry guys, this is a well known venue, it’s a bit of a girly run and I’m sorry for that….but it does involve a tram leg, so have your Go Cards with you!” With that, on we headed through the park, in a northerly direction, runners and walkers alike…past the fire station, and some of us kept heading north and headed west along Monaco Street….bloody lost already!! From the rear to the front runners yours truly yelled “turn into that last block of units guys, or we’re headed all the way around the block down Rio Vista!”  as a local, I know that there is access back into Cascade Gardens from that property so back in we went!…and sure enough, we were met by a well marked trail of flour, toilet paper hanging off trees and giant arrows chalked onto the footpath….this was a loop back to the start before the run headed off back down the Gold Coast Highway to the South Broadbeach Tram stop….I wonder how many of the pack decided to terminate their run/walk at that point and just get their snouts into the birthday beers???


For those of us who kept running, and I spotted Sir Two Dogs, Bomber from Wellington, Sweat Hog, Lion and several others, it was down to the tram stop for us…most of us had our Go Cards, but several, including the visitors, chose to chance a $230 fine by not paying and a plan was hatched that if inspectors got on at any stop, the non-payers would bail out whilst those of us who had paid would distract the inspectors with idle chit-chat and pretending we had trouble finding our Go Cards!  As it turns out, there was no need for any of that as there were no inspectors, so on it was to Florida Gardens stop and then a quick sprint back to base…yes, a “girlie” run perhaps, but still a nice little run and walk and I didn’t hear anybody complaining…it was probably the sort of run we all needed after the trials and tribulations through the Nerang State Forest last week!


The Nosh:


Starters this week, I am reliably told, was left overs from the Anzac Day bike ride yesterday, but as I was not there, I cannot verify this information. It was a huge platter of mostly cheese and ham and it was lovely…fresh Jatz biscuits were added to the mix to make it more interesting.


Mains consisted of TWO lovely curries, one of them prawn and the other one chicken, served with steamed rice…absolutely marvellous and the comments that I overheard about the nosh were all very positive. Apparently Boo, Sir Prince Valiant and Carefree had a large part to play in the preparation of the nosh, so thanks must go to not only Moonbeams but also all other helpers who’s participation made it a great night for all.


To top it all off were two passionfruit sponge cakes to mark the celebration of Moonbeams’ birthday and they also went down a treat!!


The Circle:


Circle commenced with the GM bringing out all of those responsible for tonight’s run and nosh, namely Moonbeams as the principal victim, Sir Prince Valiant, Lion and Carefree. Oh, Sir Blackstump also contributed by setting the run, but then he had to disappear to a more important function apparently. A well deserved down-down for these miscreants!


Next out were our visitors, Scrubber from Adelaide (ok, really from Hahndorff), Bomber from Wellington (yes, he is Botcho’s brother and he’s here for three weeks), Lion from Myanmar, being generously billeted by several hashers, Sweat Hog from Kowloon, but now to be one of us, and Katoy Boy (????) from Bucharest, but formerly from Saigon Hash.


A comment from the gathered throng (well, from Circumference to be specific) was that this should really be called the “Cascade Gardens Committee Run” due to the fact that all of the “locals” had a part to play in it (nobody asked me!!)


Next over to the RA who immediately brought out Swindler to answer for the newspaper article with the headline “Swindler jailed for $4 million rort”….hell yeah, he deserves a down-down for that one!!


The RA then looked around for Miscarriage to bring a charge, any charge, but alas, he wasn’t in the circle…apparently he has made it back to these shores from Cambodia, with money in hand (LMFAO!!) and was last seen earlier today at the Beaudesert Races trying to quickly dispose of it all!


Magician was called out the front to provide a description of the half marathon in PyongYang, North Korea. Apparently it all went off well, sounding like there was at least one security spy for each western participant in the run and apparently the Zimbabwean runner who was in the lead was deliberately led off course by the North Korean runners/spies…maybe the Dear Leader doesn’t like Africans…brings to mind the way Adolf Hitler acted at the 1936 Olympics when Jesse Owens won an event.


Truckie FINALLY got his shit together and found the Prick of the Week crap and had it this week…and tried to award it to SLUG on a trumped up excuse, only to be met with howling protests from Slug and who should step in and take the bullet for him….yes, Swindler…good on you mate….and yes Slug, you were rightly upset at the make belief reason!!


Carefree copped a down-down also, for the reason that he STILL has not made his mind up about the Boonah ride…here we are with it on our doorstep and he’s still umming and ahhing about it!!


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That’s all folks!!


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