Run 2008

Run 2008

Run: Run 2008



Hare: Ballpoint

Hashers: 27

The return of BALLPOINT!!!!!!  Yes, you read it right….the return of BALLPOINT, back from a very lengthy self-imposed exile, from the land of nappies and tantrums, back into the arms of your fellow caring Hashers…welcome back Ballpoint…though we’ve cussed and cursed you (some more than others!)…all is forgiven….welcome back!!….oh, it’s going to be like the good old days, hearing your dulcet tones, sprinkled with profanities and every second word being “fuck”, “fucken” or “fucking” or any other derivation you can think of!!

And what a comeback!!……..a bloody good run from a great location and a nosh to beat all noshes…but more of that later……

The Run:

We all gathered at that well known venue, the pony club at Nerang, ready for one of those bloody “on shredded paper” runs for which Ballpoint is famous…you know….the ones where the shredded paper either gets blown about to become just an indecipherable mess or otherwise gets trampled by mountain bike riders to become…you guessed it…an indecipherable mess of shredded paper, leaving us with not a clue as to what the hell is happening!!

To the question “where do the walkers go?”….you could tell Ballpoint hadn’t really given that much thought…. “just fucken go as far up the fucken run trail as you fucken want then when you fucken get sick of it fucken turn back and fucken head for fucken home and you’ll fucken be fucken done!”.

The run was great for one notable thing…essentially keeping us all together, most of us being too frightened to venture off into the wilderness on a false trail…and we’d all learnt our lesson from the Carrara dog park run where Hashers came back to base three hours late! No, no, no…that was not going to happen tonight, as we all stuck to each other like glue…geez, even Flasher didn’t go off on his usual folly of his own making, which we all know to be his normal modus-operandi. There we were, following each other up long hills, torches in hand, as one hasher put it “like a conga line of suckholes”…it was quite impressive and emotional really…must have been what Kokoda was like! At times there were calls from some of the Hashers to “ice the bastard!” when we went up false trails for about 300 metres, only to hear the plaintiff cries in the distance of “on on” and “on back you blokes!” as we all rushed to regroup so as to not be left behind.

In the end, Ballpoint managed to keep us all out there in the forest for about an hour and a quarter, with no street running at all…a 100% bush run….great effort Ballpoint!!

It was great to see Elvis, Sir AH, Caustic and Moonbeams present tonight…with Moonbeams observing “this is the first time Elvis has been on a run other than his own in about five years!”  I wonder if we should actually consider setting up a welfare committee for the Hash as I often wonder what has happened to runners who haven’t been here for a long time, including the likes of Lurch, Pile Driver, Headjob and other such characters who haven’t made an appearance for ages.

The Nosh:

Starters was simple but effective…Jatz crackers and spicy chorizo sausage…they went down a treat, with nothing left when I went back for my second handful!

The mains was a lovely Thai chicken curry, served with boiled Basmati rice and again, it was delectable…many of us certainly went back for second helpings. Very tasty indeed…but the best was yet to come….crème caramel in true French style (well, Ballpoint is a frog, isn’t he!)…home made and just to bloody die for, it really was…I must admit to having made a pig of myself on that one…and no Josephine, you shouldn’t have judged it by its looks as you missed a real treat by doing so! I think this would come close to getting my vote for nosh of the year.

The Circle:

The nosh having being tidied away, the gathering was called to order and the GM asked Sir Prince Valiant to do a run report…. “the front runners became the back runners..every body came in together and all said it was a great run”…Ballpoint thus took a well deserved down-down for a great run and to welcome him back to the fold.

Next it was the RA who thanked Ferret for the whips….hmmm…some ideas come to mind for the entertainment at the AGPU!!

Caustic Crusader was called out the front to welcome him after a bit of an absence and stated that he’d been busy working on the “Botcho for GM” campaign!

The RA then announced that he had documentation to establish that the Hash Trailer has been booked for being illegally parked outside Swindler’s place at Chevron Island, where apparently it languished on the nature strip for over a week…of course the trailer is registered in the name of Bruce Gibson Enterprises so the infringement notice was handed to Sir Slab for him to deal with it! Certain expletives followed…I didn’t realise Slab could be such a potty mouth!!!

The GM then graciously thanked Sir Rabbit for the lovely little goblet given to him by Sir Rabbit, proudly holding it up when Sir Prince held his up saying “geez GM, you must be out of favour, look at the one he gave me!”, which of course was about three times the size… that’s a goblet!!

Sir Prince then told a yarn about using Siri on his iPhone on his way to work and he told it to ring Shat, and the response from the ever-wise Siri was “are you sure?”…and refused to do it, thus meaning that he had to pull over and dial the number manually…I would have gone with Siri’s recommendation!

News has it that….hahaha…..Miscarriage is off in Cambodia…hahahaha…trying to…..hahahaha….get his money out of the country…hahahaha!

Up Coming Events:

Sir Blackstump reminded us that the ANZAC DAY BIKE RIDE is on the day before Anzac Day, being Sunday 24th…usual location…Pizzey Park…at 11.00am and partners are welcome.

The Monday run on Anzac day will be Moonbeams’ 77th Birthday run and he will be assisted by Carefree…it will be at 5.00pm from Cascade Gardens….it will be MEN ONLY (by a resounding vote!) and you are to all have your GO Cards as there will be a tram leg on the run.

Tuesday 26th April…there will be pre-Boonah ride drinks at Nobby Surf Club commencing at 5.00pm…all welcome!

Ohhhh, and before the close of circle happened….of course Truckie has yet again forgotten the POW paraphernalia and thus it could not be passed on this week…it seems he is slowly going blind watching the DVDs over and over and over!

And with that came the usual “end of circle” from our beloved Moonbeams!

That’s all folks!!

Fanny Charmer …

On Sec.


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