Run 2013

Run 2013
Date: 23/05/2016

Location: Bundall

Hare: Jigsaw

Hashers: 25

Well, as I write this I cannot help but have a smile on my face recalling a night of comraderie and….yes!!….great food!!…thank goodness, the gourmet is definitely back in the Hash…Jigsaw, you are to be thanked for restoring our faith in our moniker “the gourmet hash”. It was nice to see the likes of Arse-Up and Phantom tonight…irregular attendees but always welcomed with open arms…and nice to see that Dicky Knee is looking like becoming a regular, as is Sweathog (look for your photo on the rogues’ gallery!!)…oh, and welcome back Iceman!

The Run:

The 25 hashers tonight were spooked at the start when Jigsaw announced “I hope you’ve all got your mobiles with location turned on because this is going to be another GPS run!!”….”oh no!” we all gasped in horror as some of us had memories of that particular debacle about a year ago when we all wandered around the backstreets of Sorrento and Benowa, hopelessly lost and bewildered.

“I’m only kidding guys, it’s a standard run…it’s all on chalk..there’s no water to keep to your left or fact if you see water at all, it means you’re hopelessly lost!” and as we were shown the direction, off we all headed into the back streets of Benowa. After about 500 metres, yours truly, who had started off with all good intentions of doing the whole run, started to get shin pains so decided that I would do a very brisk walk with Ferrett. I have no idea where all the other walkers went, but Ferrett and I certainly followed arrows until we got sick of walking then headed back.

Ferrett and I were in fact the first ones back to base and shortly after in rolls Josephine who said “bloody hell, I thought I was the worst shortcutter tonight!!”….no, we outdid you tonight mate!! .

As those of us lazy bastards sat imbibing alcohol, the “serious” runners started to stream in, obviously having had a decent workout. There were no complaints that this was a run through well-trodden and familiar areas….and there were compliments for Jigsaw having gone out on his bike to sweep the trail and keep people on trail but no matter how hard he tried, yep, there were some hashers who got lost…with Miscarriage, Brewtus and Blackstump running straight through the false trail…apparently Arse-Up had something to do with that!

Missing Link did the whole run and in circle described it as “well marked…a good street run”.

The Nosh:

Starters …haha…we were being tricked into thinking tonight was going to be ordinary as dips and crackers came out and Jigsaw said “eat heaps guys because there’s not much mains…in fact here it comes now…as he laid out platters of salmon on thinly cut bread rolls. “That’s all there is guys, eat up!”….but of course this was more trickery on the part of Jigsaw, who then proceeded to unwrap some lovely pork which was served up with fennel, broccoli, and baked apples, along with some dollops of mash…boy, this is living!! Of course there always have to be detractors, don’t there?….in this case Josephine, who in circle said “jeez, all I got on my plate was a heap of rocket and broccoli…I come to Hash to get away from shit like that!”

Dessert consisted of vanilla slice sandwiched between those lovely Arnott’s lattice biscuits that I grew up with, combined with what Jigsaw described as “gourmet icecream”.

In all, a bloody brilliant nosh and we were all very pleased with it…thanks Jigsaw for keeping up the standards of the Gourmet Hash!!!

The Circle:

The GM started proceedings with his usual requests for critiques of the nosh and the run. If you’ve read this far, you will have read the relevant comments above, so no need to repeat them here, but suffice to say that the hare, Jigsaw, came out for a well deserved down down on a great night.

Arse-Up was called out the front to answer for the fuck up on the run where he apparently has been blamed for getting several hashers off course!

Caustic was called out the front to get two shirts that were brand new and had his picture and those of last year’s hierarchy..who else would want to bloody wear them!!

Oh, and on the subject of shirts and other such things…thank you Sir Rabbit (Hasherdashery) for bringing along two bags of hash gear for us to try on and take as needed…hey, we managed to offload more than one large bag!! A good effort!!

Miscarriage, a sucker for punishment, self nominated for a charge tonight….does there need to be a reason??…of course not.

Prick of the Week….can you believe the tale spun by Sir Blackstump for not bringing it tonight???….”I thought I’d let Helen take it to Hash on Thursday!!”…..what??? ….me reckons he just forgot it!!

Iceman told a joke about walking down the street and talking to random people, telling them about what he’d had for dinner, showing them photos of places he’d been to….basically a pisstake of Facebook…right, you’re being defriended on Facebook!!

Next week’s run…hare will be Sir Arseole and it will be in Mudgeeraba….oh, and that reminds me….I will be at a conference in Redcliffe next week…can I please have a volunteer to do the words….please!!

Finally, a reminder, if you could al please start bringing in your $25 for the AGPU…and if you are one of the ones who has not done the requisite ten runs…it’s $50.

That’s all for this week folks

Fanny Charmer …

On Sec.


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