Run 2012

Run 2012


Location:Varsity Lakes

Hares: Rock Hard

Hashers: 24

Tonight was…well, not like last week, was it??? We went from an attendance of 44 last week to a measly 24 hardy souls this week, all gathered on the grassy knoll in the middle of Azzure Island in Varsity Lakes, which was bloody hard to find in the dark! Speaking of the dark, we basically remained in this condition until we all came back from the run/walk, by which time we had the semblance of lighting around the main table and food prep area, but more on that later.

The Run:

The hare tonight was Rock Hard and one of the comments about the run was “did he set the run from inside a fucking helicopter?? Those fucking marks were at least 300metres apart!!”…and this was in relation to the street markings…in the bush, we were on our own, with the only clues being the instructions in the run briefing…”just keep the water to your left”….but of course, with all the water around us, this was not possible all of the time. The run was somewhat confusing at times and Missing Link and I were certainly saved from hours in the wilderness by Blackstump and Bent Banana, who were generally about 100 metres in front of us and periodically yelling out “on on” and flashing their torches back at us. Thanks for that guys, you were lifesavers!!

Josephine started out with great intentions but when he came to the end of the out-trail for the walk, he decided he’d had enough and turned back. Somebody got a lot more lost tonight than anybody else, that person being our esteemed GM, Rug, who came back to base about half an hour after everybody else. Fortunately this run did not turn into the Hash debacle that was the run by Miscarriage from the dog park at Carrara.

In all, not a bad run, not a good run….just a run!

The Nosh:

Starters – cheese and bikkies…what else can I say???

Mains – cold chicken, beetroot, Tomato, lettuce (lots of fucking lettuce) and buttered rolls…that’s it!

Dessert – several cheesecakes straight from the antique chilly bin…no custard, no ice-cream, no cream, no frills!!

The Circle:

Tonight’s circle was certainly a low key affair…run critique from Bent Banana…”boring at first..and I heard someone call Rock Hard a lazy cunt!”…and Josephine said “not eventful at all!”…well, hey, it was a run and it beats sitting in front of the goggle box on a Monday night!!

Sir Blackstump was asked to critique the nosh….”thank goodness there were no visitors tonight…it would have been embarrassing!”

Prick of the Week…passed from Rock Hard to Sir Blackstump…and that fellow hashers just about sums up tonight.

The highlight of the evening??? Sir Rabbit (Hasherdashery) having fun measuring us all up for the surprise giveaways at the AGPU!!

With that, Josephine brought the evening to a close with his rendition of “end of circle”.

Finally, a reminder, if you could al please start bringing in your $25 for the AGPU…and if you are one of the ones who has not done the requisite ten runs…it’s $50.

That’s all for this week folks

Fanny Charmer …

On Sec.


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