Run 2036…Hares: KB and Botcho

Run 2036

Date: 31/10/2016

Location: Ernest Junction Rail Tunnel

Hares: KB & Botcho


What a big logistical effort was displayed on this evening to get this show on the road. A 2 metre snake didn’t deter Sir Botcho and Kitchen Bitch from putting on another extravaganza from the old railway tunnel. Sir Botcho got the 7 runners away to the north and the walkers went south. Kitchen Bitch, Sir Rabbit and a few helpers did their best to get the generators and lighting fired up in preparation for the night’s entertainment as the rain commenced.

Amongst the smoke and lighting, hashers stumbled in to locate the eskies and refreshments before donning their Halloween clobber. Montana made a return and her bright lit up nipples got Nasty turned on. The entrée of dips in a bread base were passed around the long table for all to try before the first course and second course of chilled seafood
salad and hot potatoes were served. Sir Rabbit provided an interesting soundtrack to assist those with tunnel vision to work out what the theme of the evening was about. Swollen Colon and returner Rug were almost unrecognisable in their costumes. Pavlova topped off a fine meal.

The GM ordered a clean up of tables and chairs before commencing the circle where the hares were first up for a down down .
The best costumed hashers on the night – Rug, Sir PV, Swollen Colon and Sir Rabbit were called out for special mention.

The RA took over and invited Sir PV to tell all about the dodgy Air Asia airline food – a chicken masala- which had almost floored him and if it wasn’t for the Carlsbergs beers and red wine, he may have even felt worse. A late night walk around the plane also saw Sir PV just about go arse over a Musso on a prayer mat head down/arse up. A newspaper was produced which indicated that Swollen Colon and his wife seem to be regulars in the GC Bulletin these days especially when Cr Drawn Crutchlow thinks that she and Mrs Colon maybe be somehow look alike related. The mind boggles at that menage a trois.

Truck Tyres was called out to explain how he lost his mobile telephone by putting the phone in one pocket and a plastic bag in the other while on tour.

Showpony, who had surprised Dicky Knee earlier in the afternoon when he asked him for lift to the venue, shocked all by his surprise visit form his Taiwan base, Sir Botcho considered his behaviour in fleeing a possible new bride worthy of POW. However as the candidate couldn’t guarantee a future appearance in coming weeks, Lurch got the final nomination. Rug got a down down to road test his leaky new shoes,

M’selle Latrine who borrowed Clive’s torch and lost it claimed it was a Donald Trump(ed) up charge for his misdemeanour brought the circle up to date on what’s happening in the USA presidential shit fight.

Swollen Colon presented the GM with a stubby left over from his overseas trip, apparently the remainder of the six pack had been well and truly swollen.

Finally it was time to pack up all the goods and chattels and carry them up from the tunnel after Josephine closed RPR 21.


The bikie hashers were sitting in a Lands End park having a break on their morning ride before turning for home when Blue Card struck a conversation with some bloke who looked homeless. Blue Card asked him how he came to be this way ? His reply went something like this – “Well , up until last week I had it all. plenty to eat, clean clothes washed regularly, a sound roof over my head, I had a TV and the NBN, went to a free gym and pool and to the library. I was even studying for an MBA online. I was out of debt , had no bills, had top medical insurance coverage, so I was living the dream, but it all slipped away.” When Blue Card asked – What happened. ? Was it alcohol, drugs, a divorce or stock market crash ? “Oh no, nothing like that , I just got discharged from prison ! Blue Card, quick to help , suggested – maybe you should pull a robbery, give the CCTV a big smile, and go back to jail and live the good life again.

Yours in hashing


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