Run 2037…Hares: Slab and Shat

Run 2037

Date: 7/11/2016

Location: Ormeau

Hares: Slab and Shat


Sir Slab found some great hashing country at Ormeau behind the M1 for this event. Dust, humidity, shiggy, rocks, makeshift bridges and through industrial estates and suburbia – it had it all. Sir Botcho found himself some water on one of the crossings which caused Iceman to remark that there was more water in his dog’s water bowl. The regroups at checks kept the pack pretty close together. Rockhard, the GC GM, welcomed the Brisbane Hashers and a joint circle with much frivolity took place. Lots of ice and singing took place including welcoming home Fanny Charmer and Rug from their European walkabouts and gourmet discovery tours. It was great time for those with a thirst to finally rehydrate on the warm evening with some cold refreshments behind the car park of the Norfolk Tavern. Miscarriage looked the part in his Julius Marlow Asics, after forgetting to pack his runners.

A new car pool from the Northern Beaches, comprising M’selle Latrine, Carefree and Clive had their virgin outing as a travelling party.

Inside the tavern,the pre-ordered meals for about 50 hashers were served with military precision after the conclusion of the circle. There were generous servings of fish and chips, steaks, roasts and pizzas. Now Loved was a popular name for a meal order as it got mentioned a couple of times, as the meals were served, so someone in the kitchen must have a had a few good feeds. A few more cold refreshments over dinner topped off the evening.

Provided you get a run on the M1, it was noticeable that this annual event is even easier and quicker to get to and from than some of the local GC Monday night runs where hashers meet peak hour traffic and every red light possible.


As always, there’s always a newspaper story in Darwin about idiots going walkabout in Kakadu and having close encounters with crocs, snakes, cyclones etc but here’s something different – a new tourism marketing promotion in capital letters appearing on t-shirts and singlets – CU(in the)NT / The Top End Different from the Bottom End.


It appeared that USA voters had the choice of a candidate who has one and another who probably is one !


A group of Kiwis visiting the GC for the Masters Games decided to find a nice quiet bar to watch the All Blacks go through the motions against Ireland in last weekend’s rugby match. As you imagine they were cock a hoop and cheering loudly, every time the AB’s scored points.

Needless to say, at full-time, as they wandered out of the bar with their tails between their legs after the upset win by Ireland, the local drinkers gave them a standing ovation.
It will probably be the last time they ever choose Lansdowne Road, a well known Irish bar, for such an occasion.

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