Run 2039…Hare: Elvis

Run 2039


Location: West Burleigh

Hare: Elvis


Return to Sender, an old Elvis song, could not have been a better way to describe this evening’s events. The same venue as the hare’s previous runs made it a nice and easy commute and location after the previous week’s car park gridlock around Southport on the Super Moon Monday. With the promise of drink stops, the two groups headed off in different directions.
How easy is this thought the runners as they went around the block, crossed the road and into the Liquorland bottle shop where a cold six pack of just terrible tasting Hahn Ultra Low beer was handed out.
Then up a few sharp hills and onto the next drink stop. However just like last time Elvis returned us past a pair of uptight bad neighbours who really need to get a life and have a happy bypass to get rid of their shitty attitude towards any visitors as they pass their property.
However the good neighbours, the Elvis groupies in their GAP year label T-shirts, were far  more welcoming as they served butterscotch schnapps. It didn’t take long before the strong alcohol kicked in and Miscarriage went arse over, legless down the hill.
A regroup outside Elvis’ residence, Gracelands, saw the pack split up and some head for the shortest way home and others kicked on following Sir Two Dogs who had located the trail. It lead the pack down through the industrial estates before the next check on Reedy Creek/Burleigh Road, not that far from the M1 entrance, and west of Bunnings.
Suddenly realty kicked in that easy street was over, as hashers realised it was at least 4 kilometres home after beer and schnapps. Elvis kept a close watch on all hashers on the this long stretch where the pack was now well and truly stretched out along the road. Finally a right turn into Kortum Drive , past the detox/rehab clinic, up a goat track hill to locate the Travel Guide magazine and it was on home for the back markers who included Sir Rabbit, Rug, Iceman and Magician.
Birthday beers, namely Peroni Nastro Azzuro, supplied by Brewtus were enjoyed by the thirsty hashers before everyone was seated in the Silver Star Thai restaurant. The same 3 course banquet, as served previously was again served in a rapid fire fashion by the welcoming staff. Plenty of nosh soon had everyone full and a few more beers washed down the tasty Thai food. The GM called for a circle outside and as usual the booze masters quickly responded.
Up stepped Elvis as hare and  sir Two Dogs spoke favourably of the well marked trail good run including the first ever bottle shop run through drink stop. Truck Tyres  was observed doing his best to get his mobile telephone turned off in case it rang during the circle.
Miscarriage charged a hasher with fraud of the Commonwealth Government by enjoying his Seniors card benefits since he turned 47 after organising a dodgy card from some rogue lawyer. Anyhow, as he is now street legal in his senior years, it is best we leave his identity a secret in this run report due to Commonwealth laws regarding megadata. otherwise he may find himself being pursued for the error of his deceitful youth.
By locating and returning the hidden Travel Guide brochure found on the trail to the hare, a US Halloween T-Shirt was awarded to Circumference who passed it on as a hash birthday present for Brewtus. Next up , a little bit more of returning property, namely the POW. The conga line of title went from the incumbent POW, Showpony, who gave it to Dicky Knee, absent on Surfers Schoolies duty, who gave it to Swindler. Magician who could have been awarded it for any of several charges including his behaviour while on a tour of duty in Vietnam received the POW from travelling companion , Swindler.
Returning from mourning in Thailand, Slug, presented the GM with a Pattya T-shirt with the wording – Hashing at the Speed of Beer. Earlier Slug recalled over dinner how he had tried to pay Shat for the cocktail party only to receive an e mail alert from a Peter Foster ‘s e mail account with the message – Suspected Spam. Good to see, someone is on the ball in IT world. If you happen to read this, Shat, here is heads up. There is a warrant out for the arrest of your twin, if there is a whole lot of bells and whistles going off when you hand your passport over at the next airports you visit.
As news comes in from around the world daily about earthquakes, Shat, Kwakka and Sir Slab are cycling around the North Island of NZ which experienced one off shore this week. Hopefully, they will not fall off their bikes. How about the well named Japanese city that has copped a decent shake for a second time in a couple of years. Maybe mother nature  is sending it a subliminal message .If you say the city’s name, slowly it is  –  Fuk -U- Shima.
After a very quick evening, Ferret was invited to close the circle of RPR 24.
Yours in hashing

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