Splinter Lunch November…Host VD

November Splinter Lunch

Date: 25/11/2016

Location: Honey Eater

Host: VD

Hashers:26  I think

Well, it is with pleasure that I provide you with some words about our November splinter lunch, having been asked to do so by our Splinter GM who informed me that for the purposes of this lunch, he had passed the GM’s baton on to RockHard…why you might ask… “because it was Rock Hard who changed the venue on me without any consultation, so he can be GM for today!!”.

We all gathered, about thirty of us, from far and wide to converge upon “The Kitchens” at Robina shopping centre, it being the dining precinct to now be seen at, and here we found that lovely restaurant “The Honey Eater”, owned and operated by VD’s son. It wasn’t the usual thing that we have at Splinter lunches, with there being no BYO of bottles of wine, but we were able to buy very generously filled glasses of good red and white wine for $5 a glass or beer on tap for $9. All good and everybody seemed to have a bloody good time of it all!!

The food, ahhh, the food!! For $20.00 we had the choice of a chicken or a beef meal…to me it was reminiscent of work conference dinners where you get asked “what’ll it be mate, the chicken or the beef?”…I thought that on this occasion I would choose the beef….what a bloody great choice it was too! A prime cut of beef, about 3cm thickness, done rare to medium and it just melted in your mouth. I daresay that the meal would normally cost much more than we paid so all that can be said is thanks for looking after the Hash. Those on my table all agreed that the food was a cut above what we normally have at Splinter lunches. Our compliments to VD’s son and it was worth the tram/bus ride out to Robina for the lunch. May you go well in your new enterprise!

In closing, after almost three months away in Spain, it was a pleasure to be back amongst all the bon-vivants who enjoy Splinter lunches…you don’t realise how good it is until you’re away from it all. We in the Hash are all very fortunate to have such good mates! Thanks guys for another fun afternoon!

Fanny Charmer

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