Run 2041…Hare: Fanny Charmer & Rug

Run 2041


Location: Ashmore

Hare: Fanny Charmer & Rug

Hashers: 28

As the humidity kicked in , Bent Banana, iced down the beers as hashers arrived to the venue in Girril Park. No toilets, no lighting and non working BBQ’s did not deter the hares who soon raided the hash trailer to get some equipment to make the place habitable for the evening.
 It wasn’t long before all set off on the various trails of short walk (3.5 K), long walk (4.0 K) and run (6.5 K). Through clever trail setting by Rug, every now and then all 3 groups came together near checks. So through the suburb, all sweated their way back towards the venue.
Over near the Ashmore Steak and Seafood Restaurant, many arrows in different choices offered different choices of ways home via the XXXX on home marking.
It didn’t take long before Crownies, Heineken beers and fresh wine casks were being opened by Weekly. The entrée of corn chips and dips were devoured pretty quickly.The main course was a beef and potato curry with basmati rice .
Moonbeams remarked that it was very good but oh for some condiments like mango pickle to top it off. It wasn’t long before the dessert of Coles very tasty mince tarts drowned in the best drink of the evening – brandy custard was served and went down a treat.
After the GM got all the chairs and tables back in the trailer , again delivered to the venue by Truck Tyres, the circle commenced. Swollen Colon, was invited to speak on the run which he modestly described as being lonely when out in front by himself.
He pulled a number like 8.2 out of the air as a measure of its quality. Suddenly many hashers experienced temporary deafness as an explosion in a rubbish bin scared the shit out of many. Swollen as usual was the culprit.
Carefree was called out to explain his choice of partner at the cocktail party as most were expecting Kate to be on his arm that night but he had someone else. His response was – Who’s Kate ?
A couple of milestones were awarded to Truck Tyres (200) and Brutus (100). Well done, on these achievements.
The MC’s changed with the RA invited to take over proceedings. Rug was asked to convey his day’s activities to the circle. He advised that he had left home early in the morning , driving his son’s car to the venue to set the run.
After parking the car and dropping arrows around the suburb, he didn’t realise that he was under the surveillance of the Ashmore Neighbourhood Watch, a local community group who obviously guard their patch pretty closely as they tipped off the Southport police about the suspicious activity of this stranger in their neighbourhood who had been casing the homes and marking the ones, with arrows out the front, to perhaps burgle later. So the coppers in a lazy sort of way of policing rang up the registered owner of the vehicle, Rug’s son, and asked what was going on. They accepted the story and once they did a security search on Rug with M15, they closed the file.
Dicky Knee was asked to tell all about his Schoolies Security gig at the Swindler venue, the Moorings. The most unusual incident was about 13 schoolies who overloaded a lift and caused it to shut down. So instead of calling the telephone number recommended in the lift in the event of such occurrences,  Dicky Knee contacted the Dept of Emergency Services which resulted in 2 firies, 4 police, 1 police chaplain and 1 ambo turning up to rescue the schoolies trapped between the ground and first floor.
Late arrival, Sir Prince Valiant, told of another misfortunate weekend incident involving Miscarriage whose tractor driver, Thickus Brickus, had bogged a tractor and after rehiring other vehicles in an attempt to get the first tractor out ended up bogging a few more as well. Miscarriage , while he was having a down down , related to an incident involving actor Marlon Brando in the movie, Last Tango In Paris. He called out Dicky Knee, who he believed had a resemblance to the actor (just before he died).
Visitor Craig, returning hashers Sir AH with his new bionic knee replacement, Swollen and Bent Banana were the next recipients of a down down.
Incumbent POW , Jigsaw, gave Josephine a yellow card warning for regular criticism of his runs. However he saved the red card and POW for a committee member. Due to an oversight, as he had not been paid for the previous week when he was the hare and then again at the cocktail party,as he was still left waiting ,  it left him with no other candidate other than to anoint Ferret as POW.
With lightning threatening in the south, Moonbeams closed the circle to RPR 26 (half the committee year gone already).
Yours in hashing


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