Run 2044…Hare: Flasher

Run 2044


Location: Helensvale

Hare: Flasher

Hashers: 3

In true world-wide Hash tradition, “Monday Night is Hash Night” and the Gold Coast Gourmet Hash keeps the tradition going .. even if it is Boxing Day!


The Hare, Flasher, had chosen the newly renovated kids park, next to the public toilets and opposite the Bowls Club in Helensvale as the start point. The weather was threatening to destroy the 5.4km trail that Flasher had laid a few hours earlier but luck was with him and the rain was only very light and the well marked trail remained intact!


The two intrepid Hashers that assembled at 1700 and who had forgone eating even more bloody Turkey and Ham, covered themselves in Mozzy repellent and did some stretching and warm up exercises before being pointed in the right direction and off they went.


Most of the run was off road and went through nature reserves and peoples back yards where the friendly natives waved and shouted encouragement to the runners or I think it was encouragement!!


Emerging out of some dense bush, the hot and sweaty runners were greeted to a Drink Stop manned by the Hare Flasher who handed out super cold “Mid” Beers to the pack.


Then it was then a 1km. run back to the bucket and more super cold “Mids”.


As quite a few beers had been the drunk, the pack decided to forgo eating at the Bowls Club and headed home hoping not to be stopped by an RBT..!!


This Boxing Day Run has to be considered the best run of the year, if you ignore all the other excellent runs during 2016!


Yours in hashing…. ??

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