Run 2052…Hare Fuller Shit

Run 2052

Run: 2052


Location: Southport

Hare: Fuller Shit


The venue was James Overell park on the Nerang River overlooking all the
valuable real estate located on Paradise Waters. The hare pointed a
direction for hashers to head and soon the pack where running around the
old and nouveau residences on the streets of the suburb which is
transitioning from the old homes and Sundale shops to it’s modern
apartment style living makeover. As the trail had a few hiccups like no
false trail indications , the pack gradually diminished to about 5 as
hashers finding themselves running into no more arrows territory called
it quits and headed home for an early beer. As they had noticed Hard On
organising his birthday Crownies before the run, they knew that finding
the trail back to the bucket was far easier than trying to relocate the

A bromance of hashers seated around a table had somehow surrounded the
entrée of chips and dips and hidden them from most of the pack who were
now enjoying the birthday Crownies. The nosh was a tasty chicken curry
with rice before dessert of peaches, ice cream and yoghurt. One thing
stands out about hashers is their honest assessment of nosh and all
agreed it was very good. By comparison, those reality TV judges on MKR
eat all the food and then tell the contestants their meals were shit
after filling up their guts.

Circle time saw the hare seated as he recuperates from his recent spell
in hospital. Sir Botcho ‘s assessment was that it was a good run. In
their absence, Flasher(now a Monday night gym junkie) and Truck
Tyres(how would I know what’s in my garage ?) were mentioned for their
recent incidents. Dicky Knee , another birthday hasher, told all about
his new role as the CSO at the GC Marina. Returning Runners.- the Big O,
was called out for pissing on the Nerang River oysters and Carefree told
a story about a recent encounter on dating site – Seniors Tinder Trap
and conversation with a Muslim woman while in Sydney.

A couple representatives from the bromance table were next out  for a
drink, namely KB and Iceman. The latter also doubled as hash jester with
a joke.

Birthday hasher, Hard On , was thanked for his free $1 Crownies and
received a trophy for the least improved golfer at the Sir Botcho golf
day. Not a bad effort, considering he didn’t play.

Missing Link stepped up with the POW and told how over the years, he had
seen a few things but never a hare outsourcing his run for his missus to
set it for him. Apparently Fuller Shit inserted a few Omnibus(well
before the politicians thought of that word) smokescreen small print
amendments in his marriage vows, under the – in sickness and health bit
to include setting hash runs when not in the best of health. So all he
was doing, was invoking those clauses of his marriage vows. Other
hashers couldn’t believe it as they all agreed that they would have had
two chances with their partners if in the same circumstances – none and
Buckley’s !

Josephine called the circle to end RPR 37.

All hashers then assisted in carrying tables and chairs back across the
park to the trailer to get home nice and early before the heavens opened
up later over the area where nice fine weather had prevailed during the
evening’s hash event.

Yours in hashing

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