Run 2051…Show Pony Celebrations

Run 2051

Run: 2051


Location: Cascade Gardens

Show Pony Send Off

Hare: Missing Link


As events panned out in the hottest country on the planet over the weekend, the significance of this run took on a whole lot more importance with news of the passing of the much loved Showpony. It necessitated the need for a significant event, with an earlier than usual starting time. It was agreed that this hasher, legendary for his amazing turbo charged sprints over about 45 metres uphill in his latter running years, and notorious noshs including the most recent Coomera catastrophe which resulted in unprecedented carnage among those who were tempted to consume his firey Chilli pies, needed to be sent out in a fine GC hash style. As many e mail tributes had been circulating over the weekend, the scene was set for a fine farewell, hash style. If ASADA had ever drug tested Showpony , without a shadow of doubt they would have found his running performances were enhanced by fine red wines. So what better way was there to remember him, than for his fellow hashers to have a few beverages.
The pack of over 50 assembled around the Rotary symbol where Showpony’s immediate family members were welcomed by the GM before Missing Link gave instructions on the run which circled around the Cascade Gardens and GC Convention Centre area. A few flashes of lightning and claps of thunder kept everyone on their toes as the light rain was welcomed after the weekend’s heat. When all had returned from walks, runs and for some the closest public bar, they were greeted with platters of fruit and cheeses. Next up lots of beers, champers and wines were enjoyed as hashers shared stories about all the good times they had shared with Showpony over the years. A curry or two and various condiments were soon served up by the kitchen crew and there no complaints about the nosh as all had the choice of whichever curry they preferred.
The hash wake formalities then took place with the GM inviting Sir Prince Valiant(SPV) to conduct the Eulogy and an episode of That Was His Life. Condolences to the immediate family members present were the first item.  Then Showpony’s wicked sense of humour was highlighted as SPV recalled the many times when hashers had struggled with what was fact and what was fiction when they had conversations with him. From 1978, Sydney Hash had been the home of this hasher until he commenced with the Gold Coast Hash in 1999. His prowess as a runner included running 28 marathons and many City to Surfs where he no doubt learnt his uphill running skills as he would have scaled Heartbreak Hill like a gazelle.
Other present hashers were then invited to tell their stories of their travels with him. Missing Link,Sir Botcho and Caustic Crusader stepped up and mentioned the good times they had shared on Asian and European tours. Miscarriage mentioned that Dicky Knee still owed the Showpony family estate 80 cents and got a down down for being a debtor. In a unique display of a combo Richard Simmons type exercise session / hash flashdance, Miscarriage conducted an entertaining rendition of Hey Joe calisthenics which can now be viewed on the Hash U tube.
A big thank-you goes out to the many hashers and partners who had quickly organised and served the nosh and refreshments on such short notice so to make the celebration of Showpony’s life a memorable event for all in attendance.
As light rain fell the GM closed RPR 36 with a hymn from the hash family in memory of their mate.
                                                                                 Gavin  SHOWPONY  Carr
                                                                                                1943 – 2017

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