Run 2058…Hare:Nasty

Run 2058

Run: 2058


Location: Isle of Capri

Hare: Nasty


After the summer from hell that was topped off by that abrasive bitch TC Debbie, hashers were keen to enjoy the dry autumn evening conditions after a sunny GC Monday. Nasty announced there were multiple choices of running/walking activities that hashers could do but promised they would all lead to the drink stop. So everyone buggered off heading west towards Bundall. Then a call of, on back, from the bicycle riding hare over seeing the run lead the front group of runners into a gated private property which was a dead end. So back on the western trail until a split between the runners and chuggers took place along Bundall Road with the runners heading further north and the chuggers south to a park behind the shops at Sorrento. The walkers were already enjoying beers in the dark surrounds of the park where returner Pizza was manning the drink stop. When all three groups had assembled and had consumed refreshments it was on home. Corn chips and dips were the entrée before the main course was served.
Mrs Hare was observed to be busy in the kitchen assisting Nasty prepare his signature My Kitchen Rules champion pies, mashed potatoes and mushy peas. Assisting in the flavour of the meal were the always popular visitors, the various members of  Condi Ments and his family, and a special guest from the Sir Rabbit clan, Ms Saucey Gravy. It wasn’t long before hashers after knocking off their first pie were back for another or half of one. Again the kitchen staff excelled with their healthy multiple berries, lamington and cream in a cup luscious desserts hand delivered to the tables of appreciative hashers trying to work their way through their beers and wines and food all at once.
So as not to be considered a noisy GC canal party house by his neighbours, Nasty herded the pack inside for the indoors circle. In the GM’s absence, RA Shat , got the proceedings underway. Sir Prince Valiant gave us an update on Miscarriage’s twin brother who had a drink or two many as a result of not be able to get home until 1am one morning during the recent heavy rain event after being stranded because of flooding of the moat around his abode. A Uber 4WD was eventually able to get him home to his happy spouse. Nasty, who blamed the afternoon’s rain showers on the quality of the run setting got various comments from the floor including blame it on the rain, it won’t get run of the year and very unusual having a live hare on a bike. Fanny Charmer stated that the Aldi pies were lovely and Sir Rabbit got a special message for his contribution of the gorgeous Ms Saucy Gravy. A thirsty Nasty enjoyed his well earned drink for his overall efforts.
The returning runners were next up for down downs. They included Magician, a healthy again Mad Mike,Slug, Sir Blackie and Ball Point who was nominated to stand-in for Pizza in recognition of his overseeing efforts at the drink stop. A special mention was also made of some hashers who had their own substitute wine tour in Surfers Paradise on Saturday after the planned hash April Fools’ wine tour event was cancelled. Shat, Nasty, Aussie, Caustic Crusader apparently put a fair dent into their wine cellars with Pizza loosing both his coherency and his mobile telephone somewhere around the Costa D Oro restaurant.
A new hasher (Peter) with the surname of O’Brien ( just close enough to be associated with Windscreens O’Brien and the epoxy they use) got him the name of Poxy.  Hopefully it will certainly stick with him for a long time without the need of a replacement one.
According to Carefree, absent incumbent POW Blue Card was still giving it thought as to who to award it to at next week’s run.
Now Loved announced that next week’s gourmet food providore will be Campbells, the bulk wholesaler, at his Southern end of the GC run.
Josephine moved a point of order that on seniority Sir Blackie should now be the new circle closer. Sir Blackie, knowing the recent attrition rate that seems to befall the holder of that position, declined politely that he didn’t want the job. However he eventually yielded, accepted the position and in his new role, closed the proceedings to RPR 43. As they say, time flies.
(There is not long to go now until the next group of deserving hashers, no doubt salivating in anticipation will step up to their roles on the new committee at the AGPU next month).
Yours in hashing

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  1. Fanny Charmer

    Aha!!…I detect some misinformation in this run report to see how closely we read it!! Circumference, either I was in an alcoholic haze at the time or you have done this deliberately…Magician???? He wasn’t there….was he???

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