Run 2059…Hare: Now Loved

Run 2059

Run: 2059


Location: Burleigh Heads

Hare: Now Loved


A venue which presented the southern GC at its best, in a park beside
the high tide of the Tallebudgera Creek, on a moonlit evening greeted
The hare had strategically placed borrowed traffic cones in the prime
parking spots in readiness for the arrival of Truck Tyres, so he could
do his logistic preparations
with the trailer and lighting. Instructions from the hare had both
walkers and runners heading along the creek before the runners went left
and the walkers right. Both groups went up and down hills with lots of
steps. The runners also enjoyed the views from the water tower. A little
bit of reverse parking from Bent Banana and Truck
Tyres caused a some angst amongst hashers enjoying the free $1 birthday
Crownies supplied by Fanny Charmer. The ever alert Josephine warned
Truck Tyres of an impending catastrophe with his vehicle and the
trailer. Incumbent POW Blue Card was taking mental notes of what was
happening with his potential candidates.

Chips, cheese and crackers appeared and were so popular that the cheese
had to be grabbed back by the hare so there would enough left as part of
the next course.
Suddenly a queue of hashers formed and all were served wagyu beef
burgers, salads and various saucy members of the Condi Ments family. It
didn’t take long for a few hashers to reload on the remaining beef and
salads as they scrounged for seconds. After a few beers and wines later,
hashers were greeted with the biggest piece of Camembert cheese you have
ever seen which was served up with Easter eggs. This tart size slab of
cheese caught the eye of Ballpoint and he helped himself to a piece the
size of a piece of cake. He told the hare as he was French , he just
loved the stuff.

The GM gave the five minute warning for a circle and hashers with the
bellies now full slowly responded from the comfort of their
surroundings. Front and centre, hare Now Loved, was given a drink and
listened to the glowing comments about his run. Brutus believed it was
the best run he has been on this year and Weekly thought all the steps
on the walk reminded him of the Great Wall of China. All hashers agreed
that the wagyu burgers were just brilliant. The GM told us what it was
like now residing in his Stalag like gated community with his Nazi body
corporate security guard harassing him every day. Sounds like a great
venue for the hash to sing a few hymns to lighten things up a bit.

RA Shat took over proceedings and again Now Loved was up for a drink as
an OC( “an over-achieving cunt”) for setting a record swimming time
crossing of Sydney Harbour. The jury is out as to whether their were
performance enhancers like sharks and ferries involved in his record
swim. So he wouldn’t have to feel lonely drinking by himself, champion
seniors athlete Sir Blackie was invited to join him although he was a
scratching from the weekend’s GC World Series triathalon event.

Next up in the circle were Bent Banana and Truck Tyres for their parking
misdemeanours and also Fanny Charmer for somehow it was alleged by Blue
Card for stealing and wearing his T-shirt. Blue Card was again noticed
eyeing off the proceedings for three possible POW candidates. As the
allegation charge against Fanny Charmer by Blue Card had got already got
him a down down, no doubt a few were wondering what was next in store
for him.

Returning runners and visitors Fuck All, Fuller Shit and Wikipedia were
joined by a random visitor named Peter who just happened to wandering
by. Weekly did some interrogation on him and as a result ascertained he
was just a Silly Old Cunt with a Towbar ( good intell for a hash name
like SOCT) if we ever see him again. Then Josephine told the circle
about the recent massive drug bust down south involving ice hidden
inside imported floorboards and believed Nasty should get a mention for
guilt by association with his imported bamboo. Carefree was called up as
a stand-in look a like. In turn Carefree called for a proxy to avoid the
charge and who else but the recently named Poxy(which is pretty close to
proxy) was joining in for a drink with Carefree. The ever alert Carefree
with a sleight of hand poured half of his drink into Poxy’s vessel to
avoid most of his down down. Missing Link was also welcomed back on his
return from his recent second Thai honeymoon with wife in tow.

Sir Prince Valiant told us how Miscarriage sent his apologies for his
non-attendance as he had a prior overseas dinner engagement with
Cambodia’s top cop. Miscarriage knows it is always good to keep in good
with those sort of people just in case he looses his passport, wallet,
credit cards etc on one of his night’s out when touring.

In a random act of unkindness, Blue Card stunned everyone by announcing
that he was awarding POW to the stunned hare, A unique quinella rarely
seen in hash where the solo hare has set a good run, a good walk and
serves up a great nosh, looses a day of his life and ends up as POW. His
crime was possession of those borrowed traffic cones he placed in the
parking bays at the venue so that Truck Tyres with the trailer could
park there to make it easy for the serving of nosh to everyone
attending. The evidence was considered by hashers and the consensus was
that it didn’t pass the pub test as being offensive enough to warrant
the awarding of POW. After all, the hare was only trying to make the
evening as enjoyable as he could by having the trailer in an accessible
spot. There have often been false charges and stitch-ups in hash but
this one was considered to be a travesty of justice especially when
comparing to what goes on in the courts these days when the judiciary
goes soft when sentencing for possession of those other cones, the green
weedy ones.

Crocodile was mentioned regarding a health issue and all forward to his
speedy recovery back to good health.

Next week’s Easter Monday geriatrics run will be from Phantom’s
residence and it will be an early start.

A rather reluctant Sir Blackie, still apprehensive about his new job as
circle closer was jostled into voice to close proceedings to RPR 44 by a
couple of hash bouncers.

Yours in hashing

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