Run 2063…Hare: Weekly

Run: 2063


Location: Robina

Hare: Weekly


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If there’s one thing a hare needs on one of those rare occasions when its pissing down rain about 6:00 pm on a Monday evening and that’s a Plan B. Weekly and Sir Slab made sure the event was not a complete washout by moving from the original venue to under cover at the nearby cricket club. At 6:15 pm with the absent hare still directing late comers to the new venue, a couple of groups headed west as the light rain(at that stage) continued. Just down Cheltenham Road from the cricket club, a known trail from the Octoberfest run was revisited and it proceeded along the lake. The runners, all four of them, followed the lake, proceeding towards the Robina shopping centre while the ten walkers continued up towards the railway station and near C Bus Stadium.
Both groups arrived back pretty well at the same time and were opening their first beers as the heavens opened up and all had been saved from a complete drenching by about two minutes.
On a cool and damp night, suddenly everyone got more interested in what was going on with the nosh than in the bucket, especially with KB in the kitchen. A queue formed and its members seemed to have some sort of ravenous desire to be fed and in a hurry. So out came the steaming hot pea and ham soup and the toasted Turkish bread which shut the hungry hordes up for a short time until they regathered forming another queue which KB had recognised as the usual first in the line-up suspects and had to dispersed as the mains were still cooking. As there were lots of helpers assisting KB and Weekly cooking including Sir Prince Valiant, Sir Slab and Ferret, it was soon time for the continuous supply of skewed beef and chicken to be served with rice and vegetable shashliks.
After awhile it became apparent that the previously hungry hashers were finally filling up and could not eat anymore of the tasty nosh. So just to top it all off, out came the dessert which included Mc Donalds Apple Pies (from our ice sponsor) served with custard and ice cream.
About this time, Truck Tyres decided it would be a good time to unwind the jockey wheel on the trailer attached to Bent Banana’s car so as to hook it onto his vehicle to take the trailer home. However, the trailer attempted to take off and KB in trying to stop the swinging barbecue got a pretty severe burn to his hand. Thankfully the chain was still holding or the trailer would have just took off and probably rolled over before coming to rest somewhere near the fence around the cricket oval.
That was all the GM needed to prompt him to get all to clean up the tables and chairs in readiness for a circle.  The hares -Weekly and Brewtus who had apparently assisted in setting of the washed out real run were called out for a drink. Weekly thanked all those went for a run or a walk for finding a trail to suit themselves after his trail had been washed out.All responsible for the nosh including Mrs Weekly, KB and his helpers were thanked for their contributions to the nosh.
Then the GM explained his reasoning for the quick call for a circle as he had a certain hasher in his sights for POW. So he called out Truck Tyres for his indiscretion concerning the trailer. The GM had heard Truck Tyres callously exclaim – What a stupid thing to do ! (in reference to KB’s attempt to save the swinging hot barbecue on the trailer from damage). Apparently it didn’t occur to Truck Tyres that his uncoupling of the trailer’s jockey wheel had contributed to the trailer becoming unstable in the first place and it’s knock on effects. So a big drink was given to the new POW.
RA Shat, prior to taking over proceedings in the circle had knocked over the On Sec’s drink of chateau de cardboard red wine, which was on the ground while he took notes of proceedings. So after one knock on, he followed it up with another one. Last week , he had called out Missing Link for leaving his bag and its contents behind at the splinter lunch. So in a reverse CRAFT moment, this time it was by the RA who again revisited the material he had covered in the previous week’s circle about Missing Link who was quickly exonerated on the grounds of double jeopardy for the previous mention of the same matter.
So moving on when the RA finally got his act together, he called out Swindler for his purchase of 120 good acres of good hashing country at Tyalgum, just over the border in northern NSW. Ferret got a mention as a photographed look-a-like had wrestled a lemon shark in the waters off FNQ. Fuck All, in his absence, also got a mention for his chick magnet attraction on a recent away weekend in Yamba.
Sir Blackie, now reluctantly settling into his role as circle closer, was called up to finish RPR 48 where the hare’s activated Plan B had come together for a good night which had seen the hare’s original plan A spoiled by unusually consistent rain on a Monday evening.
Next Monday is the Hashers Memorial Run in Mick Ring Park to be followed by a good meal in the Tallai/Mudgeeraba area and it will be last normal hash run /circle of this committee before the AGPU/Committee change-over the following week where the new committee for 2017-2018 will be announced in what no doubt will be another memorable evening.
Yours in hashing

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