Run 2066…Hares Hard On

Date:29th May. 2017…………………………….
Location: Southport…………………………..
Run Pictures…………………………………………….


The Year That was 2016-17 Year Book

25 hashers met at the BBQ area just north of the Southport aquatic centre, numbers lower than expected after the great AGPU. Many hashers away and probably relieved not to be on Committee, including me. However, I was ambushed as I quietly sauntered up to the BBQ area by the new GM. He told me that the newly elected On Sec had resigned and asked if I would take over the position. Reluctantly I agreed, but in the back of my mind I knew Dry Spell was going to kill me.

Run was late being called, and Hare, Hard On told walkers to head south along the walkways towards Australia Fair the loop back after 20 minutes. Runners were told to head west into the Southport area. I understand only about 3 or 4 hashers ran this trail.

After a brisk walk we got back to the BBQ where Hard On and Fanny were busy cooking snags. Butter bread slices were ready and fried onions. This was only the starter, as the hare had beef strips ready to put onto the hot plate, pita bread was stacked and hashers rolled their wrap with the beef, salad, avo. Delicious. Hard On would have a week’s supply on beef strips as there was still another stainless steel container full left over.

This was followed by apple pie slices, ice cream and custard.

The venue was well chosen. Plenty of light, drinking water and tap water nearby, bins nearby, and tables and benches, great spot, for a circle. GM called the circle to order and called out the hare. You could tell the GM was a bit nervous on his first night in charge as he called on GM, meaning VD, to sing the note. Apparently Hard On was getting anxious also as he was overheard phoning his wife and instructing her to get to the venue ASAP with the dessert.

Fanny Charmer was called out for a down down for speaking Spanish, settling disputes in dividing fences issues and offering his services to President Trump in the dispute between Mexico and USA.

Former GM Rock Hard intervened with a blow of the megaphone, walked into the circle to present new GM with the staffs, megaphone and head gear.

Two inquisitive passers-by, Ravi and Charstri, were invited to the circle. Turns out they were from India. No problem, they were given a down down.

RA Ice Man stepped in and asked if there were any charges from the floor, none forthcoming. Next he called out Jigsaw (committee members not usually called out) for delegating Dicky Knee to handle the hash cash. Poxy called asking what icing was, being a newcomer, had not seen an icing before. Josephine promptly dropped a bag of ice in the middle of the circle. Rock Hard was called out for an icing for putting a newcomer on the committee.

AH was called out for parking in a disable zone, but it turned out he did have the sticker, and was excused.

Hare Hard On was called out again for setting the arrows on the wrong side of the road.

Botcho called out Ferrett for leaving the AGPU early and missing the icing, in deference, the ice bag was put onto a bench and Ferrett dropped his shorts and sat on the ice.

Ice Man informed the circle that he was doing a Cert 3 and the thought of the day was about how John Winterbottom walks 5 km every day for longevity, and his family don’t know where he is.

GM resumed the circle and called out the new On Sec for a down down.

Black Stump said he had no news on the condition of Croc, we keep him in our thoughts and prayers.

Truckie, prick of the week, called out several contenders. Rock Hard for his choice of ladies at the AGPU, Dicky Knee who was offered a job, and Sweat Hog for resigning as elected On Sec. Sweat Hog was the winner.

Circumference is the hare next week, run to start near the bowling club at Ashmore.

Blackie closed the circle.

On on

Mad Mike

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  1. Slug

    Is that the shortest time a newly elected committee member has spent on committee? Sweat Hog for boozemaster next year!!!

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