Run 2067…Hare Circumference

Date:5th June 2017………………………………..
Location: Ashmore…………………………………
Run Pictures…………………………………………….

The Year That was 2016-17 Year Book

23 hashers met at the BBQ area hidden away in a park near the Ashmore Bowling Alley. I got to the car park and thought I was at the wrong place. There were no signs of life, until I saw a glimmer of torch lights through the trees.

Truckie brought the trailer and tables and chairs were being set out. Circumference was busy preparing food for the BBQ, with the help of Hard On.

GM Blue Card called the hare to give instructions and about 7 runners set off. Walkers followed on down the paved track towards Ashmore Plaza, and turned left on Cotlew. Arrows were frequent and clear. Trail crossed Cotlew then turned up Hillview to a checkpoint. There was an executive decision to head west and north. We passed the Southport Warriors Club tucked away in the trees, through the shopping centre and back to the BBQ, a nice half hour walk.

Circumference prepared chicken kebabs, followed by large burgers with lettuce, pineapple slices, beetroot, 3 types of bread rolls, onions, etc. This was followed by chocolate cake, fruit, and syrup. Well done.

GM called the circle to order and called Nasty out, I missed the reason. Nasty started talking gibberish and bowing to the GM with hands held together prayer like. Nasty said it was Chinese.

Missing Link was called out as a returning runner; apparently he got lost trying to find the venue last week.

The hare was called out, no run report so I assume everyone was happy with the run??? Jigsaw gave a food critique, saying it was well prepared and tasty.

The RA then came out and asked if anyone wanted to dob anybody in. Silence, until Miscarriage walked out and had this story about the best way to singe eyebrows. He wanted a tree burnt so attempted to start a fire, went away for a couple of hours on his tractor, and got back to find the fire had burnt out. So he got petrol and splashed it around the tree, bent forward to light it and whoosh, eyebrows singed, along with some hair. This was followed by a joke about a mushroom going into a bar to have fun. After being rejected a couple of times the mushroom complained to the barman, saying he couldn’t understand why, as he was a fungi.

Circumference walked into the circle giving off about the Alan Joyce / Margaret Court debacle, and said that Alan Joyce was rename one of their Fokker planes Kwakka, he called Blackie out for running past arrows, and called Missing Link out for a reason I missed, but Missing Link was in denial. Miscarriage was asked to confirm, he denied any knowledge also, so Missing Link passed the down down to Miscarriage.

RA gave a joke about knock knock at a front door, and a man asking if the housewife had a vagina.

RA went on to bemuse how as we get older the balls we play with get smaller and smaller. As a teenager soccer or basketball are the games, then it becomes cricket, then tennis, then golf. Someone piped up that marbles were smaller, then someone else said when you lost your marbles that was it.

Croc was reported being back in a coma again and possibility of more surgery if he was strong enough. GM asked everyone to pray for Croc. Nasty then asked everyone to recite the Hawaiian pray. “Thank you, I am sorry, I love you, please forgive me.”

POW was Sweat Hog who called out Blackie, Miscarriage and Brutus, however they were sent back and Nasty was called out for coming late, opening a fine bottle of red wine. Nasty said he would not be there next week and passed on the POW to Miscarriage.

Ferrett said the run next week is at Miami.

Blackie closed the circle.

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