Run 2070…Hare Rock Hard

Date:26th June 2017………………………………..
Location: Emerald Lakes…………………………
Run Pictures…………………………………………….

A block hole off the Nerang Broadbeach sprung into life , thankfully,
when Truck Tyres arrived and illuminated the venue with the trailer’s
light show. Ex-GM gave instructions about the arrow markings indicating
runners/walkers trails. It didn’t take long for all to realise they were
either coming or going but in opposite directions as there were arrows
on the same stretch of path going forwards and backwards. A rather
unusual way of marking runners/walkers trails together but effective as
you could choose between On On or No No, or a combination of both run
out / walk back that became an On No which Rug and Jigsaw had a go at

Cold beverages were enjoyed by all while hoping the hare would return
with some nosh. Sure enough the hare emerged with his Two Pot Screamer
nosh. Pot 1 contained pea and ham soup and included some tangy mystery
ingredient which had most hashers screaming as to what it was. The
infamous blast from the past Second Pot emerged containing pasta and had
the hare screaming for all to eat up as there was plenty of it.

Next up to top off the carbo loading was apple strudel and custard. Miscarriage
showed how his observations/experiences in Cambodia had humbled him into
realising that those who have the least can make the most of it by
jamming all three courses into his small soup cup, regardless of the
combination of all 3 different tastes. So he had managed to have a
pea/ham soup, pasta, apple strudel and custard all in a cardboard cup for his nosh.

There maybe a start-up opportunity for him in cheap street food down the track
with no washing up of dishes required. Speaking of washing up dishes,
for those sophisticated hashers with their own plates, it came to the
attention of yours truly that you need to pull the sink out of the
trailer if you wash your dish in the sink or you will flood the trailer
as the water needs to drain externally with no internal
plumbing/drainage on the sink while it is in the trailer.

GM Blue Card gave instructions to clear the decks in readiness for the
circle . Fanny Charmer spoke of the 5.83 klm run (sprint) as having a
resemblance to modern banking, good but with few checks now being
sighted these days. So Fanny and few others had improvised and created a
few on the run for a breather. Slug’s critique of the walk noted a few
places where the hare was indecisive as to where the trail was going but
shit obviously happens when you are setting a trail which goes backwards
and forwards at the same time while going around in a circle touring the
castles that people call home around their Emerald Lakes moats.

The returning runners were next up and out came a bandana wearing
Swindler, Caustic Crusader, Sir Two Dogs and Now Loved who advised his
gift for the GM was still waiting a visa approval to get into Australia.
Fuller Shit dropped into the circle electronically via Sir Two Dog’s
smartphone from Darwin where it appeared he was up to his nuts in one of
the local customs of jug handling Darwin stubby size. The RA / RJ
(Resident Jester) opened his gig with a joke about an unlicensed fire
arm which showed some great research and patience in its delivery. It
was brought to the RA’s attention that Truck Tyres gave his moccasins a
bike ride in his cleats over the weekend but the conveyor of the
information got the down down instead, due to some BS hierarchy
exemption backfire on Fanny Charmer. Another mention for Fanny Charmer
regarding ignoring an e mail via Blue Card from a Slovenian wanting
legal advice on child care centre leases in Australia. Josephine gave an
expletive loaded note for the down down before stepping up after the
down down to announce that 5 cent coins are no longer legal tender in
the hash booze bucket. Could be an interesting next 11 months and maybe
a can of worms for the boozemasters with lots of travelling hashers
bringing back foreign currency coinage which will no doubt turn up from
time to time. First AWOL hash travellers will be Kwokka for 6 weeks and
Rug who will be absent for 6 months (will next see us at the Xmas
Party). Missing Link dodged getting a down down by playing a clever game
of chicken over ownership of a hash jacket with the RA during the circle
before finally reclaiming his spray jacket from lost property left at
the previous week’s run.

Current POW, Rug called out Caustic Crusader, Wrong Way (Woodsie) and
Circumference as his nominations but in an indecisive decision making
process chose the politically incorrect eeny/meany/ minee/ mo method
which just happened to include mentioning the N word but the decision
came out with it going to a white boy – Caustic Crusader. During the
evening he had made disparaging remarks about the arrows on the run
setting and it surfaced that he had borrowed a mobile telephone which
had stuffed up the chance of the GM getting a ride home from the Xmas
party as he was told by Uber that he was already on his way to Byron Bay
while still at the venue. An update on Crocodile ‘s health issues was
delivered by Caustic who will present him with a Get Well card signed by
GC hashers.

It was brought to the attention of the GM that Sir Rabbit had wandered
off to a borough and was seen to have his hand on his old fellow. Maybe
he was pissing or maybe he was doing something else but the whatever he
was up to the GM considered it was disrespectful to exit the circle, so
upon his return he got a down down.

Carefree got the circle closing role as a mark of respect to his long
time friend, former circle closer, Moonbeams.


As hashers departed, Sir Rabbit and Circumference got involved in a
conversation with the GM. During the course of the conversation, the GM
exposed himself and began pissing in front of us causing us to just walk
away to avoid the spray. Still pissing without taking breath, the GM
continued with his conversation expecting us to just stay there and
listen. We had exited to the car ASAP.There’s no point in bringing it up
again in the circle as the GM will use his exemption card to avoid any
recrimination. So a warning to just beware of this behaviour in case it
may happen to you in any future conversations with the GM (maybe a good
idea to wear your giveaway spray jacket).

A shattered Sir Rabbit couldn’t believe how he had just been charged
with the same offence by the same person yet by his ranking, he may
escape , MAYBE !, over to you POW.

Yours in hashing
(Still on secondment, going around for a second time, how do you get off
this merry-go-round ?)

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