Run 2069…Hare Bent Banana

Date:19th June 2017………………………………..
Location: Carrara…………………………………
Run Pictures…………………………………………….

¬†Elvis in the building at Gracelands and live within walking distance of the GC’s newest Commonwealth Games venue was served up by the hare, Bent Banana.The instructions were that there were 3 trails and once out of the property just across the road through the neighbours place and then follow the trail. Sounded simple enough until Missing Link started checking and suggested – which neighbour ? Eventually by a process of trial and error, arrows were found and all 3 groups headed east past the soccer fields and down to the old GC Suns demountable HQ. Next came the highlight, organised tours for hashers of the new GC Suns offices and Commonwealth Games venue where basketballers were giving the new digs a good workover. Brutus was pleased to see that a bar had been included. After the tour, walkers and runners followed their respective trails. However visitor Jailer, Circumference and Brutus decided to do their own thing and go back the same way they had come, knowing they be on the trail, albeit in reverse. Well that was the plan until they basically walked around in circles trying to find the out trail back to the hare’s neighbours place. Eventually after a big loopy tour of the soccer ovals, they found the back gate but it was locked with a bloody great padlock on it. So after squelching around the area, they finally found by sheer accident the walkers path home, just in time to see Sir Blackie and Miscarriage, the only runners returning from the real trail.
The hare had stoked up a fire and hashers settled in for cold refreshments and crackers/dips before the mains were served. KB assisted the hare in serving up two casseroles and vegies followed by fruit salad and cream. Then the GM asked for a clean up of the venue in preparation for the circle.
From out of left field in a untimely not so sympathetic hash moment, Hard On because of his occupation, got called out regarding the topical subject of the use of flammable building material cladding on high rise apartment buildings which we all know are part of the lifestyle for many GC residents.
The hare got a run rating of – Absolutely Magnificent from Miscarriage. At the other end of ratings, Fanny Charmer declared what he did was pretty lousy. Carefree enjoyed the walk and good tour of the Comm Games venue and looked forward to seeing some more live dribbling with other hashers at the actual Games next year after he gets his tickets.
Down downs for the returning runners went to Seedy, Elvis, KB, Rock Hard (now a honorary member of the Gerry and the Pacemakers group) and Slug after his jailbreak from a Thai prison(well the news said there was an Aussie involved and Slug arrived back around the same time with his prisoner style haircut). Visitor Jailer and his host Sweat Hog were next up with Jailer still believing the soggy tour of the soccer fields/locked gate he had experienced with local GC hashers that evening was just a set up when it was actually a real fuck up which apparently happens every time he gets an invite to hash.
In a night of substitutes, Sir Botcho stepped up as RA and told the NSW born hashers to start drinking the Tooheys New that the boozemasters had purchased for them. Hard On got a call up for disappearing off to Sydney AWOL from his marriage.
Stand-in Hash Flash and current POW , Fanny Charmer, awarded the prize of new POW to Rug as he will be disappearing for a few months and all agreed that no one would like to see him miss out on getting his turn. Josephine, seized upon the strategic moment as soon as Fanny had offloaded the POW, to charge him with hooning as he exited the previous week’s run. Only a wet night had probably saved him from coming to the attention of a random police patrol as he drove recklessly away from the venue on the wet road.
Nobody seems to want to close the circle these days with the recent passing of hashers who have had that role, however a reluctant Carefree did the honours. Sir Blackie was seen hiding in the background as he apparently does not want a bar of this job, either.
Ex- GM, Rock Hard will be the hare next week and the trailer(compliments of Truckie) will be used for the nosh on offer from the venue, again in the suburb of Carrara, this time at Lakeside Drive.
Yours in hashing
(on secondment this week from AAP Rooters)

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