Run 2071…Hare Shat

Date:3rd July 2017………………………………..
Location: Chevron Island…………………………
Run Pictures…………………………………………….

I should have known there could be trouble ahead when I stepped into the shiggy trap when I was walking towards the house on the dark side grassy area. I could feel the cold, muddy water seeping into my shoe, and splash the track suit leg. Oh shit! To make matters worse Slug called out, “so you found the hole also”. Looks like the trap caught a few people.

Good to see a decent number of hashers at the house on Chevron Island, did I say house? Should have said mansion. Truck Tyres skilfully backed the trailer into the car port, and at 6:15 prompt, GM called the hare, Shat, to give instructions. Seems like there were three choices, which seemed odd. Runners, walkers, and ???

Everyone set off anticlockwise around Chevron Island. Lights on the buildings in Surfers were spectacular. I joined a group of walkers. Nasty suggested a few short cuts, but we did see arrows, maybe Shat had the same idea when he set the run. After about twenty minutes on the home stretch, we saw the runners coming in, so although a bit on the short side, well set.

Hashers dived into the eskies for beer and wine, and Shat brought out what looked like mini quiches. Tasty. This was followed by pots and pots of pasta and mince. Some hashers were using the Arabic bread to make a wrap. Dessert was ice cream, fruit, whipped cream. KB and Hard On ably assisted Shat with serving up.

First down down went to Miscarriage for leaving his sweat shirt behind at the AGPU.

Missing Link for misleading a friend to the wrong venue at the Friday Splinter lunch.

Circumference stepped into the circle to berate the GM at last week’s run for pissing on fellow hashers at the end of the circle, while talking to them. GM was upset that this was recorded after the circle had closed. Nothing is sacred on hash!

Black Stump was called out for his 77th birthday, and doing a spectacular spin off the track at the races in Warwick over the weekend. He did manage to get the Porsche back on track and complete the race.

The hare, Shat, was called out. Bent Banana gave a run report saying the run was short and fast. Everyone liked the food.A visitor from the Philippines hash, Two Rooms was called out for a down down. Seems like whenever they went on tour, although he should have been sharing, managed to always double book rooms.

Circle was handed over to the RA. After the opening joke, he called out the tourists, Shat, Price and Nasty stepped in with a few stories about the trip.

Fanny was called out for an altercation over the weekend. I didn’t catch what it was about.

Dicky Knee, KB and Circumference were called out and given the nosh of the year plate from the AGPU.

After a few more jokes, RA handed the circle back to the GM.

Sympathies were expressed for the passing of Croc’s wife, Sharon. Blackie gave a few words on Croc’s condition. Our thoughts are with him.

POW was Caustic, but as he was not present, deferred to next week.

Now Loved sets next week’s run from Palm Beach at a venue to be advised.

Blackie closed the circle. However, Miscarriage still had the last word. He called out Prince Valiant, KB and Fuller Shit for showing disrespect to hashers by having unruly long hair.

Remember to use [email protected] if you have a story for RA.

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