Run 2072…Hare Now Loved

Date: 10th July 2017………………………………..
Location: Currumbin…………………………
Run Pictures…………………………………………….

Traffic on the motorway towards Palm Beach was at a standstill going north and south, due to an accident at Reedy Creek. A bit of local knowledge and back roads got us to the venue about 6:00 pm. The trailer was already there and being prepared for the evening.

GM was not around to start the run, and hare was still preparing. Hashers were getting anxious, and you could hear the murmurs about getting started. Hare asked for another 10 minutes to finish setting up and hopefully GM would have arrived by then.

Time passed, and finally the hare was called up to give directions. Go over the bridge, go over another bridge, don’t take the first bridge, go to the second bridge to have a nice long walk/run. It didn’t make sense but once you did the trail, it all worked out well.

The trail started over the small bridge near the shelter and then over the new pedestrian bridge to the south side of the Currumbin Creek. Runners had a false trail west, walkers went east along side the creek. We went under the Thrower Drive bridge and continued alongside the creek, the under the Gold Coast Highway bridge. We crossed Duringan Street to walk up the on ramp and crossed the creek on the Gold Coast Highway. We circled back down to the walkway along the north side of the creek, and onto the board walk back towards the shelter. Good walk, probable around 45 minutes. The runners did a bigger loop down past elephant rock for a total 6.5 km run.

Visitor Sean commented on how well the walk was marked, and how scenic the boardwalk was.

Now Loved set up cups of creamy pumpkin soup, followed by chilli con carne, salad and an avo puree on a bed of flat bread, and topped with yogurt. This was followed by ice cream with a Tim Tam. Very tasty, thanks to the hare and KB for assisting.

GM called the circle to order, and immediately called the hare into the circle. Main criticism seemed to be too many bridges, but everyone enjoyed the run. Slug thought it was well set and arrows were very clear. It was Now Loved’s birthday and the birthday hymn was sung. He was given some sort of painting, all nicely wrapped. The hare was disappointed there was no food critique and wanted a nosh vote, he had made everything himself, cutting pumpkins, mashing avos. Eventually GM gave in and asked for a show of hands. Everyone put their hand up, good one Now Loved.

Returning runners were called up. Sir Slab was away on a long trip around Darwin and Broome. Elvis, Fuller and Hot Dick were other recipients and had a down down.

Irish Sean was called out as a visitor, being Mad Mike’s wife’s sister’s husband, probably not technically an in-law, more likely an out-law. He was actually at GC hash in 2002, last time he was here. He had a down down.

GM handed over to RA.

He pulled out all Kiwis present, Sir Slab and Botcho, for the NZ Rugby Lions tour draw.

Hot Dick was called out for calling Sir Rabbit Ferrett, Hot Dick denied, and there was some confusion. Both Rabbit and Hot Dick had a down down.

Irish Sean was called out again for showing disrespect to the RA and circle by going to a nearby tree and having a piss. Another down down.

After a few jokes RA handed back to the GM.

An update from Fanny for those wanting to go to Viet Nam for the cycle tour, he is going to Canberra and will take any visa applications for processing. Get the forms to him ASAP.

GM took off the jacket he was wearing and asked who left it at AGPU. Hard On claimed it.

POW Caustic was called out, and uncharacteristically was finding it difficult to find a contender for POW. Bent Banana, Truck Tyres and Sweat Hog were called out, but could not find a good reason. He was deciding to defer to next week, when Sweat Hog mumbled something about “who would want to have a drink with Caustic anyway” Bang, just what Caustic needed. Sweat Hog got the POW for POW abuse and disrespect.

Next weeks run to be set by Wrong Way, bring a chair.

Remember to use [email protected] if you have a story for RA.

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