Run 2088…Hare Carefree

Date: 30th October 2017………………………….
Location: Southport……………………………….
Run Pictures…………………………………………..

Hang on; a 5:00 pm start? WHY? When was the last time we had a 5:00 pm start on a normal hash day, not a holiday? Never before! Rumours abounded that Carefree had to get back to the rest home before the doors closed at 7:00pm and some of these centres had very strict rules. Someone had to tuck him in.

I got to the park just south of the Southport Surf Club just after 5:00 pm. Peter was the only person there looking after the eskies. He said that everyone had set off early. WHY? There was a change of venue, and with an early start one would have thought leave a bit later in case of stragglers. Swollen and Fuller arrived after me on bicycles saying they had not seen Botcho’s email earlier this morning about the change of venue, and had been waiting at the original site at Macintosh Island.

Anyway, Peter told me that everyone headed north and I found the trail along the concrete footpath. Arrows were fairly clear and there were a few checks. I decided to take a detour (false trail) along the beach for a few hundred metres, then got back onto the pathway. Went up past the Sheraton to the end of the concrete. About 40 minutes altogether, that was ok. Got back to the park and everyone was already back.

Carefree had some bags of peanuts (in the shell) on the table, and he was busy at the BBQ cooking up the burgers, to go along with the coleslaw and potato salad, followed by ice cream, cake, caramel sauce, and jelly snakes for dessert. I noted Fuck All over one side carefully making mental notes for his POW award later.

GM called the circle, and immediately announced that two hashers did not pay their dues for the run last week. Jigsaw stepped forward into the circle, then GM himself! GM gave themselves a down down. Swindler gave a note.

The hare was called out, along with Fuck All, not sure WHY. There were lots of WHYs. It was the catch phrase of the evening. WHY? Jigsaw gave a note.

Swollen noted that the theme of the run was to find the boa constrictor that was playing havoc with the locals. He opened up his bag and pulled out a baby croc he had found, and threw the small shoe across the circle. Then he pulled a metre long rubber snake out of the bag, and started shaking it at everyone. He kept asking WHY?

GM asked if anyone had done the complete run, Ice Man stepped forward and gave a run report.

Carefree was called out again, along with Swindler who explained the recent heart episodes and outcomes. He has a BIG heart. However, Swindler ended up going to the Southport Yacht Club instead of the Southport Surf Club got him into trouble. Banana gave a note.

RA stepped in and called out Weekly for some reason. Another WHY? from Swollen blurted out. Botcho dobbed in Fuck All for eating half of the Salad on Friday lunch before realising it was not his, then he passed it on to Fuller Shit. Fuck All got a down down.

Swindler, Fuller, Weekly and Wrongway were called out for a down down.

Caps were awarded to Weekly for doing 400 runs, Mad Mike for 300 runs, Blue Card for 200 runs, Bent Banana for 750 runs and Botcho for 1100 runs.

Brewtus gave an Irish joke, followed by Josephine with another joke.

POW stepped in to give himself the POW for eating Fuller’s salad on Friday, but after protests, gave the POW to Swindler for going to the Yacht Club and arriving late.

Brewtus closed the circle. WHY? WHY? WHY?

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