Run 2089…Hare VD

Date: 6th November 2017……………………..
Location: Robina……………………………………
Run Pictures…………………………………………..

Back to normality, a 6:15 pm start. The hare, VD, had chosen a nice park just off Cheltenham Drive, on the corner of Peach Drive in Robina. Hashers were gathered at the covered picnic table not far from the lake, beautiful setting, and quiet. Runners were set off in a northerly direction along Peach Drive in a loop back to Cheltenham. Walkers were set off a few minutes later with instructions to head towards the stadium, around the stadium and back to the park if one wanted a short walk, or go further for a longer walk.

The trail took us along the northern side of Cheltenham then right into Stadium Drive. We walked up alongside the stadium, then between the stadium and the houses to the north to Mudgeeraba Creek. Southwest alongside the creek on the boardwalk under the railway bridge, along the hospital car park to Robina Town Centre Drive. The runners had gone west towards the motorway, but the walkers decided to head back to the park. Circumference knew his way around and took us down a footpath north of the Rocket towards the lake. There we saw arrows, and followed trail alongside the lake to Cheltenham Drive and back to the park.

A few hashers had returned from Vietnam with stories about flu or illnesses hitting them all (except Prince Valiant, it seems). Jigsaw was busy collecting dues, and alongside him was Circumference doing the tote for Melbourne Cup. Pay your money, pick a number out of a hat and that was your horse.

VD had put a couple of bowls with potato crisps on the picnic table. Poxy and Josephine had the eskies lined up on the grass. VD had backed his Range Rover to beside the picnic table and started setting up the folding table with a couple of pots, KB was helping by cutting up the French loaf into slices. It was getting dark and VD brought out a string of 12 volt LED lights which he strung on top of the table. Starting to look like Christmas? No, the shelter did not have any lighting, so lights were scrambled from anyone who had them. Nosh was called and hashers got a serving of pasta and marinara, with a slice of French bread. Very tasty, and plenty to go around for seconds. Dessert was a pie with custard poured over.

GM called the circle and brought the hare out. Nice venue, but no lights, no toilet, no bins nearby, but the food was good. VD got a down down for not researching the venue properly. KB gave a note.

Bent Banana reported that the run was well set, good distance, no hills. The hare was on a bike making sure that runners went the correct way at checks. Carefree and Weekly must have done the longest walk, as they got back over an hour later.

Returning runners were AH, Caustic, Sweat Hog and Blackie. Carefree joined them as a departing runner, going away for 4 months. Poxy gave a note.

RA stepped in, and before he could tell a joke, Caustic asked if the jokes could be in Braille.

Two Dogs reported that there was an article in the local newspaper about vast areas of tree removal. Miscarriage stepped in, and asked for a drinking companion for the down down. Carefree was called in for starting the run last week at 5:00 pm. Brewtus gave a note.

Suddenly someone noticed that Black Stump had vanished, quietly slipped away. No goodbye.

Ice Man was given a bag and called out milestones. Each was given a cap with their name and number of runs embroidered on it. Miscarriage for doing 550 runs, Josephine for 950 runs, KB for 300 runs and Caustic for 350 runs. Weekly gave a note.

GM looked for the Prick of the Week (POW), but Fuck All was nowhere to be seen, maybe next week.

KB gave a rundown on the Tunnel Run next week, and what to expect. Gastronomic experience. Caustic is setting the run.

With thunder and lightning quickly approaching, GM asked Brewtus to close the circle.

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