Run 2087…Hare Fuck All

Date: 23rd October 2017………………………….
Location: Burleigh Heads……………………….
Run Pictures…………………………………………..

A new location for me, that’s what I like about the hash, you get to places that you would not normally go to. There was a thunderstorm in the morning and threats of more rain tonight. I felt a bit sorry for the hare, Fuck All, and hoped the run would not be washed out. The trailer was set up at the roadside near the picnic shelter at Wonga Park. With the possibility of imminent rain the large marquee was also set up on the footpath near the shelter. Tables and chairs were placed on the footpath under the marquee. We thought that numbers may have been down, as many hashers had travelled to Viet Nam, but no, there were about 20 here tonight.

The hare gave instructions and everyone (almost) set off north on Cowell Drive, left at the roundabout, then left at the next roundabout onto Wonga Street. Looks like the runners had a few false trails up the side roads. We continued down Wonga Street almost to the end, and then followed a footpath back into the park. We got about 50 metres into the park and saw that the footpath had become a pond. Water was streaming across the footpath and either side was boggy. We tried going left, then thought better of it and turned back. Earlier we noted that KB and Weekly took a short cut back to the shelter, so we headed back there also. Fortunately it didn’t rain, although most were prepared by wearing raincoats, however, I didn’t want to have cold wet feet that night. The walk ended up being a bit short at about half hour, but OK and well marked.

The hare was busy at the trailer stirring a big pot of a white creamy substance, and frying up what looked like metre-long sausages. Back at the shelter, each hasher had a little bag of dried beef jerky, a bit chewy, but nice flavours.  Hare called everyone to the trailer where he had cut the sausages and put them into sausage rolls. The pot of white goo was on the table, so thick and sticky that it was almost impossible to get it off the serving spoon and onto the plate. There was also gravy that was poured over everything. Once everyone struggled through the goo, they went back to the trailer for a dessert of slices of cake roll.

The GM called the circle and called out Weekly. Actually, he didn’t have to call him out. Everyone formed a circle and Weekly found himself left in the middle, obvious choice for the GM. Now Loved gave a note.

Hare was called in along with his helpers, Green Machine from Melbourne hash, Lady Linda from Indooroopilly and KB for helping with the food. I think Green Machine helped in setting the run. Carefree gave a note.

Returning runners were Now Loved who was sailing and fishing off Panama on a 60 metre catamaran, Carefree who was in Paris, and Rock Hard who had been going through a series of test following discovery of prostate cancer. He took the opportunity to say that his PSA was 92 and cancer had a Gleeson score of 9 out of 10. He said that he would be looking at alternative treatment, and that he would be following a special diet. Now Loved presented the GM with a painting of some fishing boats up on a beach. Miscarriage gave a note.

Carefree and Rock Hard were called back into the circle for wearing a hat during the last down downs. Rock Hard was let off, but Carefree got the drink. KB gave a note.

The RA stepped in, and after a couple of jokes asked if anyone had done the full run and had wet shoes, then changed his mind and asked for those that had turned back at the flooded path. Those on hierarchy were sent back leaving Circumference, Ball Point and Now Loved in the circle. Poxy gave a note.

Brewtus gave a joke about a painter.

Miscarriage had done some research and found that there was another hasher who was a distant relative, back to the Viking days. Botcho stepped forward. But wait, there is more, there is another hasher distantly related. Brewtus stepped in! Miscarriage said that Brewtus had just had a lobotomy and showed of a scar on Brewtus’ head.

POW was Brewtus and in the quickest appointment of a POW I have ever seen, stepped into the circle and gave it to Fuck All for setting a run that was too short.

Two Dogs stepped in to present Brewtus with another bottle of fine red wine to replace the broken one from last week.

GM called Ball Point to close the circle.

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