Run 2086…Hare Two Dogs

Date: 16th October 2017………………………….
Location: Southport……………………………….
Run Pictures.………………………………………….

We get two-for-one on this run, a combined Oktoberfest and V8 Run. We were all gathered at the shelter at Pelican Beach near the boat ramp at the southern end of Sundale Bridge. Hare Two Dogs had set the trail but most of the marking got washed out in the persistent rains, but he explained the route in the pre-run direction instructions. He had the handicap list ready and started 5 walkers out first; I was in that first group. We started off on the walkway under Sundale Bridge then south between the Nerang River and the tram line towards Macintosh Island. A group of 5 runners ambled past us. At the Bottle “O” sign down the ramp near Atlantis East, and under the highway.

On the other side the trail split with runners continuing south and walkers going north into Macintosh Park, then east over the foot bridge towards Main Beach Parade. North towards Cable and Pacific Streets, then west along Breakers Street, over Waterways Drive to check in with the Chief Scrutineer. Everyone had a rain coat on and fortunately we only got the occasional drizzle.

Poxy was the chef tonight, and had German sausages and rolls ready as starters. A pot was on the BBQ keeping warn. It was a German goulash with more bread slices. This was followed by chocolate ice cream lolly. Very tasty, thanks Poxy.

GM called the circle, and called out Fanny. Didn’t hear why.

The hare and chef were called out next for a down down, note by Bent Banana.

Hot Dick was called out for getting lost and heading towards the Spit, wasn’t he a navigator? Slab gave a note.

Fanny was called out for looking for a girl, turns out it was KB looking for a girl for the tunnel run. KB got the down down. Note by Fanny.

While KB was in the circle, hash noted his clean, shiny black shoes. Not very hash. GM was standing on a bench, and showed of his not so flashy shoes and fell backwards onto the table. Take it easy GM, you are not supposed to exert yourself too much. KB got another down down, Prince gave a note.

RA stepped in, but was in desperate need of material. Had a few jokes.

Miscarriage stepped in and said how he had a good day with the council meetings. Prince said there was a whip-around and collected enough to but a large jar of Vaseline. Did that work, Miscarriage? Prince got the down down, note by Miscarriage.

Two Dogs got up on a bench and announced winners. Circumference was first walker and got some BBQ implements as his prize. Second placed runner was Slab, he got a small torch. First placed runner was Brewtus. He got a cap, bottle of fine red wine, T-shirt with his name already added to the list of previous winners and the challenge mug. There was a photo session with the winners, when GM stepped in to be included. He seemed to be getting very close to Brewtus, and seemed to be rubbing up hard against him. Brewtus was so shocked the fine bottle of wine slipped out of his hands and smashed on the ground.

After the broken glass was cleared up, GM stepped back in. He noticed Swollen Colon was trying to set off a damp fire cracker under the picnic bench. The fuse lit for a short period then fizzled out. Meantime, everyone had backed away. Swollen was called in for a down down, Missing Link gave a note.

POW (Prick of the Week) was Brengun, who recited a famous Wordsworth poem, then called Brewtus for POW for breaking the fine bottle of wine.

GM checked if there was any update on Rock Hard, Mad Mike said the consultation with surgeon was tomorrow, so no further update, we wish Rock Hard well.

GM also announced Sir Rabbit was supporting his wife in the care of her father, and may be missing hash for a short time.

Hard On, Fanny, Truck Tyres, Sir Slab, Missing Link and Sir Prince were called up for a photo shoot as departing bike riders to Viet Nam. They all had a down down, note by KB.

Josephine closed the circle.

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