Run 2090…Hare Kitchen Bitch

Date: 13th November 2017……………………..
Location: Molendinar……………………………..
Run Pictures…………………………………………..

What should have been the Halloween run on 30 October in the Ashmore Ernest Junction Tunnel changed to being the Gastronomic Delights run tonight so that all the travellers could attend, and so they did. It was a five minute walk in from the road, and already the trailer was there, tables all set out inside the tunnel in a long line. Lights were already on, LEDs alongside the inner edge of the tunnel, a flood light at the entrance. Way to the back, deep inside the tunnel Rabbit had set up the sound system. KB was busy around the trailer BBQ, preparing food and setting out plates.

KB had asked Caustic to set a walk/run, not too long. Caustic gathered everyone outside the western end of the tunnel and gave run instructions. Runners and walkers set off west along the old railway cutting. Soon there was a check, a big circle in flour. Caustic waited until most went through before marking off the false trail arrows.

The next check was left for the runners, right for the walkers. Caustic said that the runners would soon get back onto the walkers trail. The trail continued west, then northwest until we saw the Smith Street loop, and we turned northeast in the bush to follow the side of the loop road. We got to a fence and turned right and headed southeast to join Ashmore Road and back to the entrance to the tunnel. About 25 minutes walk. Well marked. KB should be happy with that.

Rabbit went to the sound system and started up the music. It sounded like a train was coming towards us, then a plane, then music. Hashers changed into their formals or drag. Prince had a sexy outfit with a boob peeking out, Weekly reminded me of Mrs Doubtfire with hairpiece, handbag and shoes. Not sure which way Now Loved was going with a white skirt and formal top. Rug impersonated a sheikh. Chrissy came a bit later and dressed (undressed) as herself.

We had a couple of beers before KB wanted us all seated. AH, Fanny and VD helped dish up, and serve up. Starter was a leafy salad with balsamic dressing and pine nuts with a couple of strips of pork belly and crackling, very tasty. Next main course of a couple of huge lamb shanks, on mash, beans, peas and carrots. This was followed by a dessert of chocolate ice cream, chocolate coin, two chocolate wafer sticks. Would this qualify for the nosh of the year?

Miscarriage and friend came and went.

Time to get ready for the circle, chairs were stacked against the tunnel wall, tables were folded. The circle (or oval) formed near the entrance. Rabbit changed the music. Keep Your Hat On was played, and KB and Chrissy ambled towards the circle, arm in arm. KB took his chefs hat off, Chrissy’s short jacket came off, then KB took off his coat then merged into the circle leaving Chrissy to continue stripping. Couple of eager hashers pulled at her bra strings, then down came her bikini bottom to the cheer of everyone there. Dressed only in boots and hat.

KB, Caustic and Chrissy were given a down down for hare, nosh and entertainment. Josephine gave a note.

Visitors were Exelpet (was passing by???) and Alan who came with Jiggy.

Returning runners were Fanny, Magician, Ferrett, Prince, Hard On, Slab, Rug and Trucky. Seems they all recovered from illnesses. The gonorrhea tablets work. VD gave a note.

Sheikh Rug gave GM and RA a special mosque alarm clock that played the call to prayer.

Magician was called out for synchronised swimming in the buff swinging his dongle above water. Caustic accused Magician of giving everyone on the trip the pox.

GM called Fanny out for eating a lot of Fanny branded ice cream. Sweat Hog got a down down for saying Fanny ice cream tasted like shit. Fanny gave a note.

RA came out saying he was lost for words (oh yeah) and told some jokes.

Ferrett had a charge for Trucky, but it was overridden as Trucky was committee.

Magician came out with Chrissy from behind the trailer, Magician wearing a Trump mask and complimented the hash.

Circumference stepped out with the winnings on the Melbourne Cup sweep. Rug came third, Weekly second, but winner was Prince. They came out for their winnings and a down down. Fanny gave a note.

Caustic announced Head Job was getting married.

KB thanked helpers AH, VD and Fanny, also Rabbit for the music.

POW was Swindler, who forgot the gear, he will bring it next week. He got a down down anyway. Weekly gave a note.

RA Ice Man got a down down for his birthday.

Chrissy closed the circle.

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