Run 2093…Hare Swindler

Date: 4th December 2017……………………..
Location:Chevron Island………………………..
Run Pictures……………………………………….

Tonight we had confirmation that Swindler has a direct line to the Big Man above. The whole day it pissed down with rain (so of course the arrows would have been washed out!!) Cars were parked up and down the road outside his house, and hashers were gathered in his garage. Hash bags were neatly laid out at the back amongst the bicycles and boxes.

GM called the bunch to order and Swindler started by saying that the arrows were washed out. But, he had another plan. First he handed an envelope to Fanny, and told him not to open it until the pack got to the bridge over to Surfers. You could see Fanny desperately trying to restrain himself from opening the envelope. Two Dogs, Banana, Blackie also got envelopes.

Each had instructions not to open the envelope until the pack got to a certain point. I could see Two Dogs had to be restrained. Then the unholy. Swindler raised his hand, pointed towards Surfers, and at 6:15 exactly the rain instantly STOPPED. How? How? How?

I put on a coat anyway (I should have trusted him) and joined the walkers. Over the bridge towards Surfers. Left onto Riverview Parade, River Drive past Budds Beach and Shat’s old house, right along Birt Avenue, right again on Oak Avenue. Nasty continued along Birt Avenue towards the beach as he wanted a longer walk. On home for the rest of us. About a half hour walk.

Don’t know why Shat would leave such a beautiful setting. View from Budds Beach.

We got back to the garage, and everything had been moved onto the deck overlooking the river, except for a table with the left-over finger food from the Saturday night formal function. On the deck, a long table was set up for the nosh, and hashers were gathered around the eskies and overlooking the river.

KB was busy in the kitchen basting the huge roast pork leg, almost bigger that the pan. When it was ready he started carving, you could see he knew what he was doing. Seedy helped serve the salad, and Swindler dished out the potato bake. This was followed by a sponge cake with cream.

GM called the circle, and called in the hare Swindler, and Shat? Apparently Shat helped set the run. I didn’t hear any comments about the envelopes, so it must have worked. Nasty gave a note.

Returning runners were Nasty, Slug, Kwakka, Mickey, Banana, Ball Point. Seedy gave a note. Banana then presented the GM with a very spiritual necklace to protect him from volcanoes.

Visitor was Christian from Brazil, now his fourth visit, maybe due for a name if he stays. Swindler brought him, Kwakka gave a note.

Fanny and Mickey were brought out, and then the phone started ringing. Mickey scrambled to take the phone out of his back pocket, tried to turn it off and put it into his back pocket again. No sooner, it started ringing again. He couldn’t find the volume switch, new phone? Rang again, and again. This was becoming a joke. It rang eight times. Who would want him that urgently?

Circumference was called in for taking someone’s hat off during the down downs. He was doing the right thing, wasn’t he? He got a down down anyway. Ball Point gave a note.

RA stepped in and called Nasty out. After protesting, Nasty finally got into the circle, and was presented with the 400 run award embroidered cap.

RA gave a few jokes.

Sweat Hog called Swindler in for advising hashers to leave their hash bags in the garage with the door open, all our precious belongings could have walked! Prince gave a note.

GM stepped back in. It was announced that Caustic’s 52 year old sister had passed away over the weekend, cause not known yet. Hashers offered condolences.

Shat announced that Rock Hard was looking well, had lost 17 kgs, and was strictly following a diet. Hashers wished him speedy recovery.

Circumference, Ice Man and Jiggy were called in for becoming the impromptu hash choir.

Swindler announced good news about something to do with three years?? (My handwriting deteriorates as the night goes on).

Hard On was called in for no hat, he promptly took GM’s hat and had a down down. Now Loved gave a note.

POWs Two Dogs and Fanny stepped in. They each had three  nominations.

  1. Hard On and Shat. Shat had left Hard On behind and had to go back for him.
  2. Shat and Botcho for going to the Brisbane Friday lunch.
  3. Blackie for stomping on envelope 3 during the run and making it almost impossible to see the route.
  4. Kwakka for asking if Fanny would fill his wine glass at the formal saying the tide was running out although the glass was almost full.
  5. Rug for being completed trashed on Saturday and having Gigie drive him home.
  6. Shat for not wearing formal.

With three out of six, Shat was the obvious choice. He donned the gear, wanted to ram the GM up the backside, and had his down down.

Ice Man was called out for his birthday down down. KB gave a note.

Blackie called end of circle before he was asked. Recon he wanted to go home.

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