Run 2094…Hare Fanny Charmer & Rug

Date: 11th December 2017……………………..
Run Pictures……………………………………….

Finding 29 Martin Street Nerang proved interesting. Cars were driving up and down looking for it. House number was partially hidden by trees. A small group was standing outside 27. Finally the side door was seen open, and sure enough, Fanny and Rug, plus a few others were inside. Chairs were placed around the meeting room near the wall, and around three tables set out L shaped. Pots were on the stove being gently stirred. Good number of hashers started drifting in.

Outside on the driveway, Fanny the hare called us together, and gave instructions. Magician ran in, after going to a nearby shopping centre and running around it four times. He said he had run all the way from Broadbeach. The hare pointed up the mountain. Did everyone feel the same as me? The dreaded Nerang Forest. I remember some time ago the runners ended up in Pacific Pines and had to get a taxi home.

Wasn’t that Mumbles run? Hare directed hashers to run on blue chalk arrows, then shredded paper, until it ran out, then toilet paper until it ran out. He said the checks were marked with red and white striped plastic tape, and the false trails were short. He said walkers could go up the dreaded hill as far as they wanted, then just turn back if they had enough. The group I was with decided to turn back after 20 minutes. Good walk.

Eskies were just outside the door, near a bin. Jiggy set up office at one end of the L shaped table collecting cash, Ice Man was at the other end of the L doling out new white Christmas shirts with logo embroidered. He was slowly getting a bit frantic as hashers appeared for their shirts but their name and shirt size were not on his list. Weekly was getting upset and moaning about being away for 4 weeks and being dropped off the register.

Eventually he got a size XLx3. Not sure if white is a good choice for Weekly, should have been burgundy red. Sure enough, Weekly spilt his wine glass, and wine half way across the table. Someone said to Weekly, “use your new shirt to wipe it up”

Fanny came out of the kitchen with a tray full of poly cups. Service, he said and started giving out mushroom soup, I went back for seconds. A Rug special. Next hashers were called in to line up for rice and beef curry dished out by KB. Visitor Russ, brought by Fanny, mentioned that Victoria does a wonderful curry. Next came Rug’s speciality dessert, a brioche and apple pudding with chocolate topping.

GM called the circle and pulled in hare Fanny and his assistant Rug. Rug certified there were no calories in the dessert. Aussie gave a run report and had to be interrupted after 5 minutes. Josephine gave a note.

Visitor was Russ who downed his drink expertly, Fanny gave a note.

Returning runners were Flasher, Ferrett, Phantom, Weekly, Brewtus and Aussie. Weekly gave the GM a small bar of soap and a pen, both from the Hilton. Magician gave a note.

Naming of new hashers. Allan now becomes Hal Al and Christian becomes Tooth Prick. Both had a down down. Link gave a note.

Bent Banana was called out to see if a white shirt, which looked like his, was found. Was it his? No, but Sweat Hog claimed it saying it belonged to Poxy. Sweat Hog had a down down, note by Josephine.

RA stepped in and ran off a few quick jokes. He then handed out special run caps to Sir Prince for doing 1650 runs, Hard On for doing 200 runs and Ice Man for doing 200 runs. They had a down down.

Ice Man announced the Christmas Run details, told everyone to get to Bruce Bishop car park at 5:00 pm. Wear the new white shirt and a Santa hat. Make sure to bring to Go-Card for tram. Cost was $25 for members and $50 for visitors and those who have not completed 10 runs , and expect Chrissie to help out.


Flasher was called out for usual short cutting. Two Dogs gave a note.

Magician told a story about parking at Bunnings and seeing this old man trying to pick up a huge bag of manure and putting it into the back of the car. Magician who was parked beside him, blow his horn loudly, and the poor old man dropped the huge bag of manure. Poor old man was Phantom, who took the goblet, but passed it to Magician for the down down. Phantom gave a note.

Ferrett announced the possible demise of hashes in Singapore as a hasher was caught laying a trail with flour and fined $1,000 Sir Prince said that someone was recently penalised with 12 months jail and 3 lashes.


GM came back in and called Swindler, Slug, VD, KB and Hard On into the circle, just for being on the 2015 hash committee and on the back of his t-shirt. Botcho gave a note.

POW Shat stepped in suitable clad, and called out five nominees.

  1. Flasher for having the gall to return to hash
  2. Magician for wandering around the shopping centre earlier.
  3. Weekly for wine spill earlier
  4. Hard On for having his wife wait all this time in the car outside waiting to take him home
  5. Ferrett for his outlandish long socks

Magician got the POW by vote of the loudest voices. Shat gave a note.

GM announced that the regular Monday New Years Day run will be held a Bent Banana’s house. Families invited for a 3 pm start, short run at 4 pm. BYO drinks and hash will provide food, all for $10 per person, children free.

Botcho announced that the next Hash Lotto would start January 8, register with him

Blackie celebrated an outstanding win over the weekend coming first in the triathlon in 4 age groups.

Nasty called end of circle.

Remember to use [email protected] if you have a story for RA.

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