Run 2096…Hare Hierarchy

Date: 1st January 2018…………………………
Run Pictures……………………………………….

Well, this must be the GCH3 Gourmet Men’s run with all the differences you could imagine. There was no run last week as it was Christmas Day, so two weeks between runs. It was an early start at 3:00 pm. Partners and wives were invited. The Thirsty Thursday mixed Hash was included. Everyone was gathered beside the pool. Tables were set out between the house and the pool. Doc was setting up his music equipment. Food and salads were laid out on the table in the cabana. It had the makings of a really fun evening.


Two Dogs, who was by the pool, was getting impatient and with ten seconds to go before 3:15 he started calling for run instructions. The hare, Bent Banana, was already standing on the steps in front of his house. He said the run/walk would be fairly short, however, there was an obstacle. He called Two Dogs over to hold a pole, and once Two Dogs mastered holding it properly, Bent Banana demonstrated how to get around the obstacle. He suggested if anyone did not want to go around the obstacle, just to return home.


The run turned left out of the driveway to the end of the cul-de-sac, through a neighbour’s yard towards the new sports facility. We continued on the grass alongside the lake towards a chain link fence. Here was the obstacle. The fence continued about half a metre into the lake, and the pole BB was talking about was the end of the fence. If you didn’t want your shoes to get wet, you had to keep one foot at the edge, hold tightly to the pole and chain link and swing yourself around the pole, and get your other foot to the other edge without getting wet. Two Dogs was being the gentleman, and helping everyone around. The run continued west along Nerang Broadbeach Road towards the traffic lights at Lakeview Drive. Runners continued towards Nerang, walkers turned right for home.


Everyone brought their own grog, eskies everywhere. Fuller and Flasher brought their drones. Flasher’s drifted off uncontrollably by the tiniest gust of wind into trees next door. He ventured along the river bank to retrieve it. Later Fuller showed how a drone should be flown. There were dips on all the tables, the BBQ was fired up for the snags. People were still arriving. A few were in the pool. Doc got the music going. GM announced that the food was ready. Lots of chicken, lots of ham slices, and lots of different salads. Dessert was Pavlova.


A bit later, GM made a few announcements. He thanked the hosts Bent Banana and Banana Blender or Bender? Slip of the tongue. There were a couple of down downs to authenticate that it was still a hash run. The Bananas for hosting, and being the hare. Truckie, together with visitors from overseas. Caustic and Magician for mooning as they went past the RA. Flasher for losing his drone. No POW this week either. Phone Ranger, the GM of the Thursday hash said a few words, and thanked the GCH3 for a splendid event.


A storm was brewing, so everyone helped pack tables and chairs away in the trailer. Rubbish was taken away, and the cabana was cleaned up as much as possible.


Thanks to the Bananas for hosting another great event.


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