Run 2097…Hare Sir Blackstump

Date: 8th January 2018…………………………
Run Pictures……………………………………….

I asked a few hashers, and this is the first time Black Stump has hosted from his “new” house in Sorrento. Blackie said he missed the spaces at Nerang where he could swing a tractor around, but he has settled in now. Hashers gathered around the pool, and gazed across the canal where a girl in a bikini got out of her pool and sauntered into her house.


Blackie called the group together and gave instructions. Walkers go out of the gate and turn right, follow the arrows. Runners turn left. He promised a short run/walk and plenty of Spag Bol for later. Walkers went southwest along Boomerang Crescent, a quick tour of Wombat Court, back onto Boomerang, then right into Platypus Avenue. Here the arrows seemed to disappear, but there was nowhere else to go, so it was heading back home again. As we approached Blackie’s house we saw the runners coming from the other direction. About half an hour, short as promised by Blackie.


A few hashers jumped into the pool, apparently Weekly created a tsunami and displaced a lot of water. Blackie requested the trailer and had set up some tables and chairs in any available space. There were dips and crackers on the tables. Blackie was busy inside stirring the Bol and Spaghetti. He put grated cheese and a bowl of salad out, with garlic bread. He frantically called for Fanny to come and help him serve up the Spag and Bol. Several went back for seconds. This was followed by ice cream, chocolate mousse and a few other pies.


GM called the circle, some suggested he should hold the circle from the middle of the pool, anyway, everyone seemed to gather around ok.


Magician was called in for talking along with Blackie for leading Magician astray.


Blackie was told to stay in the circle as hare. GM asked any of the runners for a report. Fanny started, until someone shouted that he wasn’t even on the run. Two Dogs reported that he and Brewtus ran about 3.6 kms. Aussie was brought in to keep Blackie company. Shat gave a note.


Rug was asked if his phone had dropped into the water, it was actually Truckie.


There were three visitors from Darwin, friends of Fuller who gave a note.


Weekly stepped into say that he had his hair permed, and was caught by Prince. Slab gave a note.


Donald Trump made a special appearance to present Fuller with a special award. Fuller was asked why he did not have any oil in his vehicle engine, not good for engines. Fuller was given a T-shirt, which he put on. Jigsaw was called in to note the genealogy on the T-shirt, all about all the little shits and old shits. Fanny was called in to interpret the legal writing at the bottom of the shirt. They joined Fuller in a down down. Note by Truckie.


RA stepped in and called Nasty in. He read a newspaper report about a nasty spitting in the car park.


Circumference was called out for spilling the beer esky on the way in and depriving any potential for an icing.


Aussie was called in and presented with a cap marking his 450 run..


Caustic called Weekly in for displacing the pool water level. Causing gave a note for the four of them.


Caustic explained how he was compensated while overseas and a flight from hell caused him to be stranded for three days. He was given about $900 per day. He was not complaining, it was more than he paid for the flight.


Slug was brought out for his birthday drink, Prince gave a note.


RA went on with a few jokes.


GM asked if there were any announcements.


Caustic gave an update on the Commonwealth Games event, including various options on pricing. He encouraged hashes to sign up.


GM announced the car rally to be held 17 March, and asked for a show of hands from those looking forward to participating. It was a Saturday drive, lunch stop, overnight at a secret location. Accommodation $80 for a two-bed room. Three meals at $10 each, all up about $70 per person, unless you wanted a room to yourself. Book early with Jigsaw.


No POW this week as POW was not there, to be carried over.


Slab presented GM with three gifts from his overseas travels.


Next week’s run by Weekly, see the website.


Brewtus closed the circle.


Remember to use [email protected] if you have a story for RA.


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