Run 2099…Hare Magician

Date: 22nd January 2018…………………………
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Run 2099 Hare (s) Magician (Thong Muncher)

34 runners/walkers.


In the absence of our erstwhile Grand Master, Miscarriage was deputised for the occasion and immediately adopted a persona reminiscent of a certain German Fürher. A milling, uncertain, rabble rapidly became a coherent, decisive band of dedicated hashmen as soon as “On On” was called.



Afterwards, as we puffed and panted over a cooling libation, Iceman informed me that we had covered about 4.6Km. That seemed about right for this run around the very pleasant and fragrant Elanora Wastewater Treatment Plant. Reminded me of my days in Hong Kong and runs along various stormwater nullas that had a similar aroma. Just follow your nose, the hare had instructed. Trump had clearly been informed of the area when referring to Shitholes.

After the treatment works were left from our behinds, the runners jogged south beside the Pacific motorway only to cross it at Nineteenth Avenue and jog north on the other side. Obviously three crossing weren’t enough, so the trail then went back under the motorway twice more before we were “on home”.

All in all it was a quite well marked trail and any chance of getting lost was negated by Magician pointing out the correct direction as soon as it looked like the pack might take a wrong trail.

Except of course Bent Banana and Swollen Colon, who took off the wrong way after the first check and went out on the home trail. When they met up with the runners, they immediately turned around and took the quickest short-cut home.



Back at the bucket, Sir Prince was relating a story about a painter with a broken arm doing renovations at Barry Sheen’s house. It transpired that the accident happened when he walked off the second level scaffolding while ogling Mrs Barry, wearing hot pants, bending over in the garden.



Having failed to get the generator up and running, Truckie’s hangman talents came to the fore as he set about organising a rope over a tree branch to hoist up Sir Slab’s light. Once the illumination was sorted, we could see what the hares had on offer for the grub but was that a good thing?

As it turned out, the two-minute noodles, with a choice of medium or spicy chicken casserole proved to be a hit with assembled diners. That said, I don’t think the guest hare throwing on the greenery to disguise it as a healthy repast fooled anyone.

Although I didn’t partake of the desert, it was described to me as “quite nice, for a Lemon turd in a tart”.



Down Downs went to:

  • Sir Two Dogs for suggesting that “A quick Circle is a good Circle”. Miscarriage obviously took it personally.
  • The two hares, Magician and guest, Thong Puncher. STD gave the note.
  • KB for being late to the gathering. He also praised the nosh declaring it “Worthy of a runner up”. To what? Jigsaw did the honours with a note.
  • The night’s visitors were next, Thong Muncher from Saigon via Sheffield and Dragon and Savaan from Cambodia. One of the Cambodian lads was driving Miscarriage home the previous evening and went around a round a bout the wrong way – twice.
  • Sir Black Stump for falling down, again and for setting some sort of record for the number of hospitals visited. Prince provided the note.
  • Shat and Sweat Hog for their birthdays.


The RA entered the circle and, his jokes can be paraphrased as:

Tom Jones, “not unusually”, covered in ice cream and sprinkles, “topping” himself for telling “sheer” madness stories about Victoria’s Secret needing an “iron”.


Hats were handed out to Now Loved (500 runs), Truck Tyres (250 runs) and Rug (500 runs)


Notice of Show Pony’s one-year anniversary remembrance is to be published in the Hash News


The POW caused much confusion. Swindler’s stand-in, Magician with only half the kit, gave it to Botcho for reasons unknown. I wonder who Botcho will give it to next.


Black Stump finalised the evening with a very enfeebled “End of Circle”

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