Run 2098…Hare Weekly

Date: 15th January 2018…………………………
Run Pictures……………………………………….

Weekly had put a lot of thought into the setting. Tables were set out in a row on the footpath under a street light. The views were across the man made lake towards the shopping centre along Bermuda Street, and further across to the hinterland hills. There was a cool gusty wind, almost chilly, and the skies were clear. The trailer was set up across the footpath, and Wrongway was busy cleaning the BBQ. A couple of guys were fishing for flathead in the lake.


Weekly called the group together and gave the runners instructions. Once the runners were gone, he instructed the walkers to walk around the lake, but if they wanted a longer walk, to go further down to Markeri Street and up Rio Vista. “No hills” everyone was thinking, the walk could not have been flatter. We ambled along Lakeview Boulevard, north, then west then south past the fitness centre and shops. We noted a break in the chain link fence and scrambled over it. Back along the new road towards home.


Weekly had a couple of plates with crackers, salami slices, cut sausages, onions, olives and a variety of cheeses. Ferrett stepped in for Jiggy to collect cash. Wrongway and KB were busy at the BBQ cooking rump steaks. A dish of garlic potato and broccoli bake was opened up and prepared for serving, and bowls of green salad. Rump steak was very tender. Dessert was fruit salad with a sprinkling of desiccated coconut and a dollop of yogurt.


After chairs and tables were put away, the GM called the circle, but Weekly, KB and Wrongway were not finished cleaning up around the trailer and BBQ. Weekly was blowing smoke through both ears.


Finally, Weekly came out. Shat gave a run report (was he on the run?). Ferrett almost fell into the canal, Brengun helped Ferrett keep attacking plovers at bay. Swollen was brought in for falling over on the run and to help Weekly. Slab gave a note.


There were food reports on the steaks, and Josephine was complimented on supplying retro cans of beer. STD gave a note.


Visitor was S-Bend who has moved up from Sydney and will become a regular. Sir Slab was called in for beating the odds and staying alive!


Returning runners were Miscarriage, Phantom and Swollen. Botcho gave a note.


Returning walker was KB, Wrongway gave a note.


Stand-in RA Miscarriage stepped in.


He called in Brewtus, but he had already disappeared, Phantom and Weekly for celebrating the YES vote at the cinema. Josephine gave a note.


RA recounted how he was celebrating Hogmanay in Scotland as advised by Caustic and was hemmed in by the crowd and felt like a stuffed pig the way he was battered around. He said the local police made an official apology to Miscarriage. As Caustic was not at the run, RA called out KB for the down down. Sir Rabbit gave a note.


RA called in golfers, Ferrett, Botcho, Hard On and Wrongway and recounted the recent incident in Hawaii when the residents were informed by SMS to seek shelter as incoming ballistic missiles were detected. Golfers had nothing to fear as they were always in a bunker. Miscarriage had the down down, note by KB.


GM stopped RA for anything further and called in Wrongway, who was ex police, to recount a recent report about a man found in the Brisbane River with net stockings, make up, and a cucumber up his arse. I didn’t recall if he was still alive!


Aussie stepped forward and read an article in the local rag about socialite KB being featured.


Josephine complained about the foreign coins in the bucket, including an old shilling. Only Aussie coins please, but no 5c coins.


Bit of confusion about next week’s run. Was it Missing Link or Magician? Go to the web site.


GM gave stand in RA an opportunity for one more story.


He recounted about his twin brother making no appearance on the trip. He reckoned is was because Sir Prince had lent his a coat. Prince got his coat back along with a down down. Miscarriage got his twin brother back. Miscarriage gave the note.


Phantom closed the circle with the help of half the troops.


Remember to use [email protected] if you have a story for RA, and register for the Rally on 17 March, maybe an Irish Theme?


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