Run 2112…Hare Blue Card & Magician

Date: 23rd April  2018……………………………..
Location: Highland Park …………………………
Run Pictures…………………………………………….

It is not often there is a GM-set run during the year, but it is the only way to make sure he sets a run before he skedaddles off to Europe for a few months. There was limited parking up the driveway near the house, but somehow Truckie got the trailer up there. I wondered how he was going to get it back down. Most hashers parked on the road and climbed up the steep driveway groaning and moaning. GM (or delegated to Truckie) had set up the tables and chairs on a flat grassy area near the house. There seemed to be a lot more hashers milling around, maybe it was the excitement of end of year, and wondering who was taking over next week.


At 6:14 GM called hashers together around him, and promptly handed over to the acting delegated hare, Magician, who gave pretty precise instructions, then pointed up the hill into the bush. This wasn’t running country and everyone walked in single file. We skirted some houses and got onto what looked like an old asphalted access road. There were chalk arrows at any flat surface. The trail followed the track behind the houses on Tera Vista Boulevard, then finally on the road back to Armstrong Way and Ben Lomond Drive back to GM’s house.


GM had plates of pepper crackers and chorizo sausage and cheese cubes on the tables, and dips. Delegated Hash Cash HalAl was taking cash for subs tonight, maybe a hash cash in waiting, we will see.


Seeing as this was the last regular hash of the year, I was expecting a gourmet hash “nosh of the year” and sure enough, out came the snags, unbuttered bread slices, packaged mashed potatoes and some other mush, and a variety of three sauces. GM seemed to have delegated other things also as Fanny was busy stirring pots in the kitchen. He was probably trying to save the evening.


GM could hardly call himself out as hare, so Prince stepped in and took over proceedings temporarily. GM stepped into the circle. Delegate hare Magician also stepped in. Somehow the theme changed to colonoscopies as both GM and Magician were due to have one tomorrow. Then Brewtus stepped in, he was having one also. They were supposed to be on a strict diet, so Josephine served up a weak down down for them. Swindler gave a note.


GM asked if any visitors were present, Canadian Pylon stepped in. Was this a mistake? He gave a commendable hash version of My Favourite Things before his down down.


Ball Point made a mistake of muttering something about procedure which annoyed the GM and was brought in for trying to usurp the GM. Nothing unusual. Fanny gave a note.


Returning runners were Woodsy, Miscarriage, Fuck All, AH, VD, and Poxy. Slug gave a note.


Miscarriage narrated a story about the outback from Canada.


Ferrett received a prize.


Finally a run report, Brewtus said it was well marked.


S-Bends stepped in to give a joke about samples. Canadian Pylon gave another song.


RA told a story about his travels to the Great Ocean Road.


Miscarriage was asked about recent damage to a new vehicle, Magician gave a note surrounded by 4-wheel drivers.


POW Slab stepped in a called a few nominations.


  • Carefree for texting Slab on a bike ride.
  • Shat for going over the handle bars on the bike.
  • Truckie for forgetting his bike and helmet on the bike ride.
  • STD for spending over $400 each on a dinner.
  • Josephine for slagging the Kiwis on their 35 to zero win rate against the Wallabies in rugby games.


Josephine got the drink.


Hash gave a minutes’ silence to departed mates.


Next run, AGPU and new committee. I have been noticing recently some very verbose and eloquent writings, all the markings of a proficient new scribe. Who will it be?


No need to use [email protected] if you have a story for RA. Wait to next RA.


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