Run 2129…Sir Slab & Sir Prince

Date: 20th August  2018………………………….
Location: Robina ……………………………….
Runners: 46…………………………………………….
Run Pictures………………………………………….

The runners reported that it was a good run. There were a few times where the trail markings went cold. After a little bit of searching the chalk arrows was found. The running area was a maze of lanes and roads, which makes things interesting.


On returning we noticed that there were bowls of Bean Sprout Soup with Beef on the tables. It did not take long and the runners were faced down consuming the favored dish. This was a meal in it self.

Another added surprise is that this was followed by Beef mince in a cradle of fresh Green Lettuce.  Again to our surprise, it was followed by desert of deep fried banana topped with ice cream. This was a second week of a great nosh evening. The cooks did a fantastic job.


8:16 PM.  Fanny Chalmer was the GM for tonight. (Stand in for GM Weekly)

S-Bends informs that tonight, is the night of three of our birthday boys. Slab, Phantom, and VD. These special runners were called into the circle and a Happy Birthday chorus was sung to them. Tonight’s turn out by runners is amazing, and running mates gave Birthday wishes to the Birthday Boys.  All enjoyed the low cost beer.


Run report.  Brutus gave this report. He said it was a great run. Botcho added to the comment saying it was magnificent as was the nosh.


Tonight hares.  SIR SLAB AND SIR PRINCE, were called into the circle for a down down.   (Much bigger than the Coles add) A big many thanks for excellent nosh.

Some runners enquired about next week’s run as they thought the last two runs were difficult to beat.


Commonwealth bike ride in Southport. 19th August 2018.

Ball Bag was questioned why he was absent from this event. He endeavored to give some lame excuse but that was, disregarded by the runners. Never the less he was given a down down.

Ball Bag then proceeded to give a story about fishing, which brought much laugher to the runners.

Poxy tonight also celebrates the arrival his fourth grand daughter. A down down proceeded for this Grand Dad. Poxy also tells a joke about a nurse examining some guys black testicles. This also has the runners in fits of laughter.

One of our favorite joke tellers, Ice Man, told a joke about a centipede where a lot of time was taken to start a run, as there were a lot of running shoes to be laced up.

KB entered the circle to mention that the run and nosh of the last Monday’s night run was a combined effort of participating team members of the runners. He thanks everybody for all the hard work in the preparation and the cleaning up afterwards.

We were also informed that Miscarriage was a trained butcher. In the past he had his own butcher shop. It was called “Eat My Meat”. No further comment. We’re also told that he placed his father into an old age home. Only to go around chasing all the nurses. He was given a down down for his kindness bestowed on his father.


Visitors.   These were drawn into the circle to give a short brief about them self’s. Warm welcome goes to Derrick (Gold Coast), Ly (Cambodia) Peter (Tally) and Sprung.


The GM was very pleased about the turn out of runners this evening. He thanked all for making these runs so great and thanks all for their attendance.

To close the evening off in the right mood, Fuller Shit tells a joke about a person going into a sex shop to buy a vibrator for a lady friend


Next week’s run. This will at 25 Argyle Crescent. Bundall.

Splinter Lunch. 24th August 2018. This is to be at Goa Indian Restaurant, Main Beach.


8.40pm.   Sir Jo was called to end the circle.

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