Run 2132…Fanny Charmer

Date: 10th September  2018……………………
Location:Broadbeach ……………………………
Runners: 31…………………………………………..
Run Pictures……………………………………..

This run was kindly held at Fanny Chamer’s residence in Broadbeach. A long under cover car parking space was most suitable and well lit for the nights gathering.

The run was around the suburb and over cannel bridges.

To keep the runners hunger pains at bay on their return, very hot beef pies were made available to them


8: 15pm. Circle opened by GM Weekly as Winston Churchill with his usual cigar in mouth.


Visitors.  These were Sour Puss (Kiwi land) and Soft Cock (Sweat Hogs Brother from Toowoomba).


GM calls on KB and Fanny Chamer to enter the circle. The GM congratulates them on the excellent nosh prepared tonight. A hot and tasty Spanish dish of PIELLA with fair amount of seafood for flavors. There was also a chicken curry and plenty of salads for other runners. This was followed by the favorite ice cream on a stick.


Run Report.  Sweat Hog mentions it was a fair run even that some of the pink arrows did peter out. A debate followed about the check -back arrows.


Walk Report.     S-Bends comments on that duration of about 47 min was just right. Botcho was invited to give the Down Down.


  1. There is a charge from the floor for Bren Gun. He was allowed to tell a story about travelling in Germany in a new Mercedes. A slab of beer placed on the back seat shot forward on sharp braking, puncturing a can of beer, which sprayed all of its contents on the interior of this prestige car. Bent Banana gave the Down Down.

A further floor charge was directed to Ball Point for parking across a neighbors drive way. He was Down Downed by KB.

Our birthday boy this night was our adored Fuller Shit. In true tradition a birthday choirs was sung for his special day.

The RA tells a joke about an old flatulent husband. His wife prepares a turkey roast and she placed the bloody intestines of this bird, into the sleeping shorts of her sleeping husband. He awakens and tries to replace these turkey instines where he thinks they came from him, while asleep.

Arse Nic is thanked from standing in for another runner’s tasks.


Booze Report.    Proxy will be the stand in booze master.


Please note that there will only be wine next week instead of beer. This will be a wine night and those wishing to bring their own bottle, $5.00 corkage will be asked.

Ice man enquired if any runner will be interested in attending the Saturday Rugby game with a group of mates. Please advise and he will organize a time to meet.


GM will be forwarding the recent Southport bike ride passport answers to the City Council to issue the certificate for completion.

A reminder was given about the GM Luncheon on the 4th November. Please book and pay ASAP.

Sir Rabbit was asked about being the cook next week. Sir Rabbit replied, saying he knew nothing of this and that he was doing Fuck All.   No he is not.  Well, let it be known that Fuck All is not into those kinky things.!!


Ball Point was pushed into the circle for having his own little circle in progress with others.  A Down Down for this unacceptable behavior. GM now is in favor of the icings as punishment.



Quote of the week.  By Winston Churchill.

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on”.

8: 45pm. Circle closed.

ON ON.  Sec

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