Run 2133…Aussie

Date: 17th September  2018……………………
Location:Budds Beach ……………………………
Runners: 24…………………………………………..
Run Pictures……………………………………..

The night was cool with a strong wind blowing as it has been doing for some days.

On returning, the runners explained they had some difficulty in finding some arrows and the trail disappeared. The arrows were marked by the harebeer_rabbit little knowing that later during that day, a fence was erected and the road closed, as there were pavement repairs in progress.

But the smell of hamburger patties and fried onions on the BBQ relaxed the runners and they looked forward to the night’s meal. The hamburgers and all the fillings and side dishes was followed by ice cream on a stick.

8:30pm. Our GM Weekly called on Sweet Hog to give the run report. A little disappointed, as the arrows were invisible as for the above reason.

Sir Jo added to comment that all runners were on trail as there was no trail to follow. Also for the above reason.

Food report, by Bent Banana.  For his cooking efforts, Aussie was given a down down.

Future or coming events.  These are the Oktoberfest 1st October. Contact Blackie.  The Grand Master Luncheon on the 4th November. The runners were asked to book early to assist planning.  V 8 handicap 15th October

RA report.    Sir Black Stump was congratulated on his achievements in last weekend Triathlon. He was in the pack of the first 200 of several hundred participants.  Note that this Triathlon will not be contested again in the near future on the Gold Coast. Well done. A down down was also in order for this iron man.

There were three birthday boys. These were, Sir Rabbit, Sir Botcho and Foxtrot Oscar (May be the other way around) They were encouraged into the circle and with their mugs charged, other runners sang the birthday choirs. A down down followed.

We were all pleased to see Rock Hard after his long absence from recovery. All the hash members wish him well and sorry that there was only a short time that we could chat and wish him well, before he left. I am sure many of us will keep in contact with him. Are you OK mate?

The RA told a joke about the Irish hole digger. On fellow dug the hole while the other filled it in. There was a third guy but he was off work ill.

The acting booze master will be Poxy.

Truckie will be away and on the move for the next couple of weeks. Any offers on collecting the hash trailer and delivering it to the run next week.

The recent bike run passport answers to be handed to the GM for transmission to Council.

Bren Gun will arrange next week run. This is his first set run as a hare so please support this evening. He is going to do his best to keep up the high standards of hash runs.

Sweat Hog announces a big thank you to all of those supported his endeavor to raise monies in support of the Prostrate Cancer Foundation of Australia. He has exceeded expectations of donations.

Sweat Hog has also organized a 4×4 run and adventure trip through the Simpson Desert. The RA will be away for two weeks having fun on the bush adventure. Donations have also been received from each driver. Many thanks for this hash man in his charity in helping other men.

Quote of the week.  Winston Churchill.

“If Britain must choose between Europe and the open sea, she must always choose the open sea.”

8:50pm.  Circle closed.

That’s all folks.

ON ON Sec.

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