Run 2135…Sir Blackstump

Date: 1st October  2018…………………………
Location:Benowa …………………………………
Runners: 18…………………………………………..
Run Pictures……………………………………..

Well,  after my maiden run set and big catering effort to meet the Gourmet Hash standards –  which are Michelin 5 star, I was press ganged by our eminent GM Weekly, to act as scribe in the absence of FA. My second  maiden event  in two weeks –Crikey, talk about being thrown in the deep end!

The pack met in Bruce Small Park adjacent to the tavern, for a 5.00 pm. start.  (Thinking of Bruce Small – I had a red 24 inch Malvern Star bike as a kid in Launceston), it was again cold, but unlike last week not wet. There were – drum roll, wait for it!  More runners than walkers. At first it appeared that it was a record in the recent anals of GCHHH, the trend of ageing and thus walking had been reversed, but alas this was not so, as on return, a number of non – walkers were lurking around the car park. Is this a third category forming? runners, walkers and non-walkers??

The run went north through the park into streets, then in to a huge waterway leading to a big manmade lake where the runners peeled off around the south side of the lake and walkers returned via streets. Run 6 km. Walk 3.5 km. Trail was well marked (Blackie has had heaps of experience) Apart from that it was a pleasant enough trail with a mix of parkland and street. Blackie actually ran the trail too !!

We then piled in to our chariots to Blackies canalside joint. He had the usual set up around the pool with seating for all. As an Oktoberfest run it supposedly had a German flavour.

The circle was called by GM Weekly,. Fanny C reported on the nosh and stated that after twenty years Blackie who must be a slow learner,had finally got the spag bol right. However it was less German and  more like a World Culinary Fiesta. The Oetinger Pils was top German stuff. But the entree of cabana, cheddar and crackers was reminiscent of an Australian 1950’s wedding shower, minus the toothpicks with chunks of pineapple and coloured mini pickled onions. The main was excellent spag-bol, but this dish is from south of the European Alps, the land of Mussolini, not Hitler. The dessert was excellent but from west of the Rhine, the land of De Gaulle, French cheesecake but at least German Ice cream-  as it was from Aldi.

The GM got the circle going and called for returning  runners, Jiggy eagerly stepped forward (been in Vietnam on a motor bike for 800 km. With no licence and thus no travel insurance cover, obviously not in to risk management, he likes to live on the edge), hoping for a free drink, but he was sent humiliatingly  back for not been away long enough, nobody else qualified either.. I noticed Hardon back prematurely from the Portuguese cycle epic, he had a healh event, but he looked healthy enough to last at least until after next Xmas.

GM held SOW award back for next week as miscreants away. Proceedings  were continually interrupted by Fanny C with his fart machine punctuating all speeches. I heard that he uses this at home for genteel dinner parties with his cultured friends. This together with honking from the GM’s baby horn gave a German effect, sort of like the Berlin Symphony Orchestra

  • Hare Blackie got a down down for being the hare
  • Arsenic got one for not returning his passport from the recent bike event.



Gm reported 45 booked for Melbourne cup lunch, so it is almost full – hurry if you want to get a seat.


Charged from the floor –

  • Now Loved currying favour with the GM by returning a lost property mug.
  • Fanny C for his continual rude interruptions with his fart machine (he reckons it is a duck quack).
  • Jiggy for accusing Now Loved of drinking down down dregs (but it was probably true).
  • Fullershit for standing in the rain – I forget where and when, but I guess he got wet.
  • Bent Banana was reported by Exelpet for lurking in the bush and doing part of the run in reverse, and being around Flasher too much, is Flasher his Guru???

Wrong Way Woodsy was presented with his Old Farts Cap he had achieved the 150 runs required in the amazing space of only 25 years. But he claimed he had done more and the records were corrupted, he would say that!. He also pointed out he had been MIA for 25 years, does that also mean he clips 25 years off his age, making him in fact to be about 50 years old ??? He did not display young age behaviour when drinking his down down,  he got his mug tangled in the peak of his new Old Farts Cap and nearly pulled it off, oh dear what old age does to one.

WWW  also claimed to have sponsored GCHHH very first ever run with petty cash destined  for car repairs at his then employer Avis. That is embezzlement,  No wonder rental cars are so expensive.

Winston Churchill’s quote for the week –

“We contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.

Next week’s run by Missing Link at Cascade gardens and he promises hamburgers actually containing real meat.Hmmmm we will see.
Circle closed by Fanny Charmer at 8.00pm.

Acting Scribe – Brengun

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