Run 2149…Jigsaw

Date: 7th January 2019……………………………
Location: Benowa …………………………………..

Run Pictures

9th January. 2019


32 Runners.


The run was from Jig Saw’s residence. This was a spacious area with tables and chairs for all, with a great swimming pool which was utilised by tired runners on their return.

There was an easy and relaxed feeling among the runners after  their quiet time off over the Christmas and New Year period.  I was away for a few weeks and enjoyed bening part of this group of people again on my return.

On returning  from the run, there was a tasty dish and snacks available. The nosh consisted of tasty mince and spaghetti with fresh salads, followed by fresh sliced friut with cool white ice cream.


8.05.  Circle opened by GM Weekly. As nearly always as Winston Churchill.  This time with cigar from his very secret stock. He had learnt his lesson by not  leaving his cigar unsecured and being hijacked by light handed runners.


Guest runners. A big welcome to two of them. These were Hendrick and Lorens. They were called into the circle, after some friendly abuse they were Down Downed in normal fashion.

To pay respect to the Christmas and New Years runners, S-Bends, Truckie, Ferret, Blackie were called to take a Down Down while in the circle.


Our much loved hare, Jig Saw was called to take a Down Down in the circle.


Run Report.  First home with out a short cut taken was Bent Banana. The chalk marked  run arrows were easy to follow. Over all, a good run. A Down Down followed.

Walk Report.  Presented by S-Bends.  One check arrow was missed but soon found by walking back some distance.

Ice Man gave some report in Italian.  A further Down Down followed.


Charge from the floor. The RA directed this “New Shoe” charge to Arse Nic and Sir Botcho, and in true tradition, vile liquid was drunk from these receptacles. One sure way of destroying sensitive taste buds.

Jig Saw and Nasty were having a go at each other. Some thing about getting on top of each other. Sir Black Stump cooled it off by  giving a Down Down to these fighting cocks.

A story of debacles of an old and past GM was told.

Arse Nic was not off the hook yet. He had to take another Down Down for some uncertain reason.

Then it was the returning On SEC, FA  to  be called  into the circle. He returned from Thailand and questioned about this.  A welcome back Down Down was directed by Sweat Hog.


POW.   To  have a fair vote who would receive this covert award,  Madamoiselle Latrine, Ferret, Bent Banana  all whom had no shoes on in the circle were to be selected to receive the POW.  Ferret now is the proud wearer of this.


Committee Meeting. 23rd January 2019. Stay tuned.

Cocktail party.  Saturday 30th March 2019.


Next weeks run. Hard On will take care of this.


Quote by Winston Churchill. “ A nation that forgets its past has no future.”


“If you’re not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you,re not a conservative at forty, you have no brain.”


8:30 pm.  Circle closed.


On Sec.  FA.

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