Run 2150…Hard On & Shat

Date: 14th January 2019………………………….
Location: Chevron Island …………………………

Run Pictures

This was  going to be a different run this evening. We grouped at a side road that was closed at the end. Not such a bad spot but very different. It was an” End of the Road” circle as well.

An easy run , but not to easy crossing a few busy roads.

Our booze master, S-Bends declared that he had a sale of left over odd beers that he had to clear out of the cooler boxes. No one complained about this at a $ each. There was  some debate if these were Mexican or Vietnam beers. Who cares, just buy two.

The after run snacks was a tasty chilli con carne dish with cheesy biscuits. This spicy and tasty dish  was devoured very quickly.



The nosh at the restaurant,  managed by Christo, was great and the price was so very inexpensive. Beers and wine were cold and supplied quickly.


7.10 pm.  Circle opened by GM Weekly.


Returning runners.  These were Aussie and Kwakka.  Down Down followed.


Hare report.   Aussie gave a brief report saying  it was a good run. Fuller Shit was called into the circle to explain why he parked his motor bike at the road end. Hard On was included on the Down Down that followed.


POW. Who is ,or what is Thirsty Thursday? Down Down taken.


Shat advised that the wife of Seedy ( Ex runner)  had sadly passed away.


S- Bends informs the runners with  with much glee, that a newly born Grand Child was born that afternoon.  The  baby Grand Child is healthy,  strong and kicking wild. The child”s name is Atlas. A Down Down was directed to celebrate this very special occasion. The runners wished S- Bends much happiness. He was even happy that a runner gave him a battery jump start. All that excitment.


It was noted that Ferret had new shoes.  We all know what happens next.


Next weeks run.  This run is under full control.


Quote.  Winston Churchill.    “There is nothing government can give you that it hasn’t taken from you in the first place.”


7.30pm.  Circle closed by Foxtrot Oscar.


Please rember this is the start of the NEW YEAR. Please phone a mate and wish him well. Are you OK mate.?

ON ON Sec.  FA.

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