Run 2160…Magician

Date: 25th March 2019………………………….
Location: Varsity Lakes …………………………

Run Pictures

Arriving at the park, runners were placing their gear on the tables while Truckie with Magician’s help, were hanging up LED lights. Truckie has a slight height problem getting elevated to hang the LED string lights across the roof timbers. Along came Magician and with his tall frame and with the aid of short ladder, positioned the lights high up under the roof. Switching them on,  there was light for kilometres around.

The run and walk went around the local lake and runners found it was a comfortable run on a well  chalked arrows on  the pavements.The evening was rather hot and humid and most runners were eager to kiss a bottle of beer supplied by our booze master on their return.

After downing an ale or two the runners were offered tomato soup in a cup with whole grain wheat bread and butter.

The main course of the evening was pasta shells toped up with rich beef mince with a good helping of fresh salads. The desert was sliced peach with generous dollops of yoghurt.

We could not, but hear the clatter of falling eating utensils connecting with the cold concrete floor. Yes. It was Truckie trying to dig out several knife and folks from his bag which he seemed to have collect over several months. If a runner has a missing  fork of knife, ask Trucky for one. He has many in his hash bag.

8.10 pm. Circle opened by GM Weekly, AKA Winston Churchill.

Visitors and returning runners.   Sir Slab took a down down in the circle.

He also presents our GM with a Travel Bag, one similar to first class Virgin flights. Several items were shown and the sexual instructions were read out aloud on the particular use of these items. In short this was a travellers  sex aid box.

Hare report.   This was a good run on a warm evening, it was well marked and all runners returned safe and sound. Two Dogs and Magician while in the circle also agreed it was a well marked run  around the suburb and had a few good looking Shelias walking around.

Walk report.  The GM asks that these reports be a bit more serious as the report is the basis on which end of year rewards be given to hash-men.

Slug gave the food report. He enjoyed the spicy tomato soup and all was good.

POW.  Magician enters the circle. He mentions he had a lot on his mind and had forgotten to bring the trophy.

Caustic mentions how Bent Banana mis-read his speed and was travelling X?km in a X?km km zone.  Well, not for long any way. He was stoped. Blah, blah.

Charge from the floor. A story was told about Blue Card who weekly meet up for a bicycle ride with riding mates. He quickly parks his car, rushes to open the boot to remove his bike. With complete disbelief his bicycle is missing. No it was not stolen, in the rush he forgot to pack it into his  car boot. How cruel can mates be?!!  Truckie instructed the down down.

There was a complaint from KB as Magician, the soup cook, pours a ladle of soup in KB’s wine glass that still had red wine in it. There is no satisfying every one.

Sweat Hog gives a story about an army Captain who meet a strange and small looking man on his travels in Africa. It is believed that he looked strange as he told the much feared witch doctor to make a sexual departure. Sir Circumference did the down down.

S-Bends was found guilty trying to sell hash property. This was a huge Ice Box. Proceeds will be going on the Jazz function.   Truckie was instructed to give the the down down for S-Bends actions.

Birthday Boy.  This was Pepe Le Pew. He was absent but in true hash-man spirt he supplied a slab of birthday beers for his mates. This was well received and a photo of the empty container will be forwarded to him in appreciation. Many thanks from all runners and walkers.

GM reminds all present to return past trophies to enable them to be engraved.

GM Weekly beckons FA, the ON On Sec into the circle and to kneel down. GM advised that a hash name is to be changed to a new one.  After  the Knighting, the named  now is  “Square Root”.   A down down followed for the occasion. Every one knows that the Sq Root of five eights is. Just think about this. The clue is in this sentence.!!!

Sir Botcho reminds all hash-men about the pending lunch in Brisbane. This will be a fun day with mates and a cold beer or two.

Splinter lunch on Friday 29th March at Sardjions Italian Restaurant. Surfers. Meet about 11.30am.

Next weeks run.  Miscarriage will mark this run.

Saturday 30th March is the Speak Easy function at Main Beach. It starts at 5.30pm.

Quote of the week by Winstone Churchill.     “Socialism is philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent viture is the equal sharing of misery.”

8.45pm.   Circle closed by Foxtrot and Square Root.

Please phone one absent mate. Are you OK mate?

On On Sec.    Square Root.      (  AKA,  FA)

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