Grand Masters Last Hurrah

Date: 30th March 2019…………………………..
Location: Southport Speakeasy ……………..
Guys & Molls: 54…………………………………….

Speak Easy Pictures

Speak Easy Room.  SLSC Main Beach. 30th March.


All attending were looking forward to this Last Hurrah function by the 2018-2019 Hierarchy.

S- Bend in the main, has organized this last event at the ‘Speak-Easy’ Room at Main Beach SLSC.       Many thanks Don.


The function room had a limited space, but the smaller room gave every one the opportunity to get up close and speak easily to every one. Thus the name ‘speak easy’ function room.

The jazz band called “Galapagos Duck” supplied endless music for the evening. We thank all the band members.  John on the Base, Rick playing the Key Board, Willy blowing on the Saxophone and Rod on the Drums, or where ever what surface he pleased to drum on.


The finger food arrived in an endless supply on large platters, finishing later in the evening with great variety of sliced fruit. Rissi, the most accommodating bar assistant kept up the fast pace of service in her most friendly way. The ambiance and lighting was attractive and subdued for a special night out with hash-men gagsters and their Ladies. The white LED string lights gave a canopy of light under the ceiling. It was assumed that Truckie had a hand in arranging this array of LEDs as he often did at hash runs.

It was a very pleasant evening with a cool breeze drifting through and across the room from wide and fully opened windows. This breezy area at the far end of the room was a sweet spot to be in, to appreciate the cooling fresh breeze.


One found if difficult to recognize the rubble of hash men now in gagster attire. It seemed quite strange to be among people whom looked so good in their fancy dress and their ladies looking so elegant in their Flapper dresses and hair fascinators.

Not to be out done by the ladies, Sweat Hog took it upon himself to adore his head with a bower of white feathers he hi-jacked from Paula. He looked like the Taser from Moscow or Kiev. May be like the Royal family of Guedemine or Rurik. After suffering from a hot head, he removed the warm boa and started looking like his normal self.  It was sad.

Mademoiselle Latrine gave an entertaining demonstration of a dance with Cappuccino on the dance floor.  All were impressed.

Sir Botcho was the Press person taking many photographs but later in the evening he ran out of charge. Well, anyway his newly purchased camera required a charge. As he could not do any thing about this, he instead, took a re-charge. He must of re-charged his batteries at home that evenin

It was pleasing to see hash-man Crocodile and his lovely lady back in operation. We all wish him the best on his forth-coming motor home adventure around Australia. Will this be the modern Bonnie and Clyde!!.?

It was pleasing to see Care Free complete with his outstanding red hat, enjoying the evening late into the night. He made a sterling effort chatting to all.

Magician proudly wore his ‘Out of Africa’ head dress to impress.

Time eventually arrived to determine the Best Dressed couple from many others. This status was awarded to Pepe Le Pew and his Lady Sonia. They actually sole the show. Well done.

Next was the best Gangster and Mol. This was to be, Slab and Lady Frederica.


All the other Gangster hash-men, complete with machine guns to inflatable six shooters, were called onto the dance floor to determine Best Gagster dress. It was noticed that Sir Two Dogs and Sir Rabbit had already had their suit cases or their musical containers packed to spend the evening away. Were they not told that this was not a Cruise Ship deal!! ? Square Root walked away with this award.

All dressed-up Gangsters were awarded a complimentary Galapagos music CD for their efforts.


A fine fun evening indeed. Many thanks S-Bend.    Sorry to see a few friends that could not attend.

Please phone them and ask, are you OK mate.???

On On


That’s all until next time folks.


On On Sec.     Square Root ( AKA  FA.)


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