Run 2162…Rug

Date: 8th April  2019……………………………….
Location: Coombabah …………………………….

Run Pictures

This park had a large under cover tables and benches with a nearby toilet block and a few garden taps around. The tabletops made perfect landing zones for the many mosquitos that were zeroing in on human targets. Up went our defense screens when Fanny Charmers allowed nearly a complete can of repellent to be used by ankle scratching hash-men.

There was a friendly and quick visit by the local council officer who left a gate lock so that the park gates could be locked after our use.


Rug, the night’s hare, explains the run and walk with the mysterious drinks stop. The booze master happily informs the runners that as this is the Hierarchy anniversary, all beers this evening will be one dollar. Please do not crush the beer cans.


The runners eagerly set off, followed by the walkers only too pleased to out pace the ever-present mozzies.  The run in the dark took us through bush and pedestrian paths, long river creeks, roads and tarmac. An interesting trails indeed. After about 3.5 km the well-marked arrows/flour markers lead us to a private residence.


Outside there were a few tables and bottles of refreshments. In very little time a mixture of Brandy and soda water was poured by Dave into plastic cups for the warmed up hash-men. This magic potion was a Brandy Sour. A drink often drunk in Cyprus. The extra delight was warm cut sausage rolls, which was quickly devoured by the walkers, but still leaving some for the late runners.


Then, off again into the darkness, passing a tennis court and following arrows or the flour trail which the kangaroos like to chomp on.  It is believed that there were white-lipped kangas around that evening. A few kilometres more lead us to the base camp.


8.28pm.  Circle opened by GM Weekly. Winston Churchill was voted out of the Conservative Party and Labour now is in control. New elected members will be sworn in at the AGPU next Monday 15th April.


Visitors and returning runners.      These were, Pepe Le Pew and Arse Nik. A down down followed.


Hare report and run report.  Flasher said that the run was excellent and well set. The drink station on route was excellent and this was echoed by all hash-men.


Walkers report.  Presented by Slug who mentioned it was well marked and easy to follow.


Food or nosh report.      This was an orange chicken stew on a bed of white rice. The dessert was blue berries, strawberry and cake slice topped up with fresh healthy yoghurt. A down down followed.


Triathlon report.    Sir Blackie with interjections from hash-man gave a resume of Sir Black Stump’s great performance at achieving third place.  All hash-men applauded his success. Truckie was instructed to initiate a down down.


RA report.    S-Bends calls out Circumference, Sir Botcho, Sir Rabbit, and Sir Two Dogs. These were some of the long-standing runners of some twenty years. Dave gave the down down.

Ice man told a Nuns’ joke whom where in Canada looking for the person who laid the pipeline for six months. !!.


Care free tells a story about Truckie and S-Bends trying to seduce a certain lady. Another down down followed.

There was a story about a hash-man who bought a large tin of white paint from ALDI. As this was put down at the car park, the lid popped up and opens, spraying the area with white paint. This person stole away, to embarrassed to face up to his mess. Magician advises he tried to remove the can the following day, but German paint sticks like super glue.


Charge from the floor.    Fanny Charmer tells how he invited Truckie and Rug around for a social dinner. After waiting for them for quite awhile, he telephones them. They both forgot. A down down followed.


S-Benzs is the stand-in for the absent POW Miscarriage. He was requested to pass this trophy on to more deserving hash-men. Fanny Charmer, Poxy and Two Dogs were called on. They liked to take off early before the hash terminated. But as some new members have not had the honour to be awarded this POW phallic trophy, it was awarded to Peppe Le Pew. A down down was taken from the phallic drinking vessel.


Mad Mike advised that he had all the results from the recent car rally. Completion certificates were available.


GM reminds runners about the lunch in Brisbane this Friday. Also about the 1970s theme event on Bribe Island.


Next weeks run.  This is the AGPU that starts at 4.30pm. Formal attire with top hats and tails is in order.


Brewtus thanks the GM for introducing him to the Gold Coast Hash. It is muchly appreciated.


9.05pm.  Circle for the 2018 to 2019 closed by Kitchen Bitch.


Many thanks for contacting your absent mates. Have fun and go well.


On On Sec.   Square Root.  (FA)



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