Run 2161…Miscarraige

Date: 1st April  2019……………………………….
Location: Cararra …………………………………..

Run Pictures

While the runners were preparing for the evening run, S-Bend, the booze master informs the hash-men to enjoy the run, but when they return, the cost of beers will rise to five dollars each. There was a riot and grumblings from all around. The booze master asks the runners to settle down and be quiet. He enquires what date is tonight. There were answers of April 1st of course. Say no more.  Every one was happy again at beer prices at one dollar each for South African beers.  S- Bend can be a real shit when he wants.

It was notable that this weeks run was cooler and there was cooler weather coming.  This did not bother the many mosquitos that plagued the area this evening. A good dose of repellent did work for those who applied it. This did not stop the mozzies settling onto our fresh and succulent beefsteaks and probosciscating the last drop of half cooked blood out of them. (This was not our politicians) This was our donation to assist the natural environment.


8.25pm.  GM Weekly opens the circle. No Winston Churchill tonight.


Visitors and returning runners.   Into the circle that of Ball Bag, Jig Saw (A shelf re-supply specialist) and Dave from the Gold Coast. He is in the concrete business, but un-like his product, he has gone soft.

Ball Bag explains some wife was nagging her husband about his broken glasses and replacement costs. He could not understand the fuss because it was still on his face.!!!


Hare report. Miscarriage enters the circle. A few runners were off the track and it was difficult getting back on trail as there was a creek to cross. Miscarriage was up the creek with out a paddle, when his fuel system audio warning was beeping to re-fuel. This he did, costing some eighty dollars. The problem was that he was in a diesel vehicle with a full tank of petrol. The vehicle was towed away to be drained and refuelled costing seven hundred dollars. Now no one will have any problem in understanding why he was awarded the Prick of the Week trophy.


Sir Prince went further to explain what happened when Miscarriage tried to use heavy equipment to alter or build up a neighbor’s fence line. Down came the rain and washed it all away. More bucks were spent reconstructing it again. How much money has this hash-man have??!!


Charge from the floor.   Miscarriage phoned S Bend in the early hours in the morning to advise that he was unable to attend the Jazz evening.

To this interruption, and receiving the POW, a down down was ordered to drink from the glass prick.



Nosh report.   There were starters of BBQ farmer’s sausage. It was hot and tasty.  Later came the main meal of BBQ mini steaks, sauces, beetroot, cheese tiles, plenty of onion and even more lettuce. Many bread rolls as desired. It was said that it was much better than good old MacDonald’s burgers, as there was more lettuce and onion.



RA report. Ice Man was the stand-in. He told a joke about a man from Spec Savers. He said he would be retired in the USA in a year.  Where do you see yourself he asked?  The reply was he did not work for Spec-Savers and could not see into the future. LOA.



Next weeks run.  Rug will arrange this.



AGPU. Please note this event will commence at 4.30 pm.

Care Free advises that Sir Black Stump will be involved in a Triathlon this weekend. We wish him well and to keep a sharp eye open on the road ahead.


8.50pm. Circle closed by many runners.


Have you phoned those absent friends? Are you OK mate.??  Of course you all have. Many thanks.


On On Sec.    Square Root.

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