Run 2164…Weekly

Date: 22th April  2019…………………………….
Location: Merrimac …………………………….

Run Pictures

Two reports this week see below


This was the first run under the new Hierarchy, The mob all waited with baited breath to see how the new GM Iceman, would handle matters of state. “THE KING IS DEAD – – LONG LIVE THE KING” – well that is what we all thought, but the new king was nowhere to be seen, probably fucked of to god knows where like Edward with Wallis, so we had to dig up the corpse of the old king who was rancid even before he became a corpse. We put him up front to run the show. As he was also Hare, it was a Weekly Wouble Wammy!


Carefree was in Sydney (he can’t seem to cut himself off from down there, I mean what’s going on); he designated me as stand in Scribe. It was a large turnout for Easter in spite of impending rain.
The dead King Weekly gave trail instructions as the rain may have wiped out markings, runners 6.1km. walkers either 2.8km. or 5km. most walkers took line of least resistance, this short option.

The trail looped from the reserve straight up to Nerang road and turned back in through the Surfers Golf Club. Must say it was a pleasant trail as the landscaping was great and once inside the golf club, no cars or houses, just nice trees and plants. Eventually it emerged direct from the golf course on to the reserve where the on on was set up.


Blacky and Brewtus were the first runners in – age and youth!! I walked with S Bends and Slug, the three of had a good whinge about Shorten/Bowen plan for franking credits and how we may not be able to afford $15 for a hash meal after the election.


At run end the new Booze master, Skyhook had things organized well for his maiden go at the job, no doubt his mentor S Bends gave him detailed instructions The new Trail master Sir Rabbit was scurrying around squeaking, (do rabbits squeak?) about how he was about to do a whole of year run schedule in one hit and “the bastards can sort themselves out later”. Sounded like Chris Bowen attitude to retirees
New hash Cash, Kwakka slid comfortably in to his role. I heard he inherited $2,000 from last year’s cash. Now we will have to make sure this does not just evaporate in to the atmosphere, as I was informed there was never a credit file check, any financial references, or police records check done on Kwakka before he got the job. I mean how irresponsible is that! One question unanswered is – was the New GM Iceman absent on his first run; away on some sort of junket to use up the $2,000??? More will be revealed when he finally fronts up, if he ever does.


Trucky had the trailer ready and there was a big awning sail under which the seating was placed, however it was open weave shade cloth and allowed the rain to penetrate .The King’s – (Weekly the 1st) repast of steak (not mince, old chap) with lettuce, tomatoes and onions, ably cooked by Sir Prince Valiant (more royalty), was pretty good, but the desserts were to die for (well Weekly is a dead King isn’t he?). Mrs. Weekly had made a big chocolate soufflé and a huge tray of apple slice with whipped cream topping – absolutely delicious. Mrs. Weekly is Weekly’s woman, perhaps that’s where the Woman’s Weekly comes from with all the royal news.
We just got through the grub when the heavens opened and down it came. How could God do this at Easter?  The mob squeezed under the two trailer doors in raised position, but to no avail. Eventually Weekly called “end of circle” before it began, never seen that maneuver done before. Kind of like putting your head up your own arse.
Without the usual circle antics, unfortunately I have nothing to report, no SOW, no miscreants, no nothing really at all. Oh well! At least this week we can occupy our minds reading this week’s Woman’s Weekly about Meghan’s baby.


ON ON – Brengun – acting scribe

Ex GM Weekly found a children’s playground complete with swings and very see through shade cover for the venue for his event from Merrimac. The hare who has had plenty of experience with rain before on his runs was carefully looking at a plan B alternative venue.With very threatening skies overhead, most hashers decided a quick walk would be far safer than a long run, so only a handful of runners took off. Although there was no flour or gyprock trail which meant you were never really on or off trail, the hare had provided weather-proof maps for Brutus and the runners and Sir Prince Valiant and the walkers. With golf courses surrounding the venue , it was the only way for the trails to go and the surrounds of Lakelands figured prominently. Although most hashers were concerned when they returned about the ever threatening looming dark clouds, it didn’t take long for them to find the cheese/crackers and a cold beverage. As we all know the government is in caretaker mode at the moment and one could be forgiven for thinking that the hash was also in caretaker mode with very little representation from the new committee. However thankfully the skeleton staff of a RA,Trailmaster,Boozemaster,Hash Cash and Trailermaster in their attendance kept the basic tenets of a hash group together to keep sort of semblance of a normal night of hashing. Weekly announced that the first course of a tasty beef minestrone soup  was served just as the rain started coming down. So hashers grabbed their soup and huddled under both sides of the trailer using the sides as a covering from the ever increasing rain. When they had finished their soup, steak burgers and salad were quickly served next up and hashers got even closer together as the rain was now coming down heavier. There was one major problem developing and that was the eskies were under the non-waterproof shade cloth in the playground and to get a drink meant a thorough soaking.
There was a brief interlude with the rain easing off just in time for the home made apple pie and cream and the alcohol infused chocolate/strawberry torte
 cake to be served as desserts. Hashers kept coming back for more of these tasty delights until they were pretty well all consumed. The RA decided to keep the proceedings going and suggested an early circle as the weather again started to intervene and this time all hell broke loose. The rain was pelting down and coming in sideways as well  and the water was dripping through the sides of the trailer which had become temporary roofing as shelter. So it was a quick word about the run/walk/nosh and lets forget about the POW and next weeks run details as everyone started screaming -End of Circle as it was now raining cats and dogs and overflowing gutters were raising the water levels around everyone’s shoes. It didn’t take long for everyone to run to their cars with one thing on their mind which was – Lets get the flock out of here !
All in all, the hare had gone to a lot of trouble for a nice fine night event but as he is coming to realise, every time he sets a run, it pisses down at some stage of the evening, so he always has a Plan B which often includes the undercover Robina Cricket Club, a handy back-up.
Monday’s run details are on the webpage. It is from the rear of Peter’s Seafoods, near Versace at Main Beach. Wrong Way/Woodsie is the hare.
On On
Circumference(on brief secondment from AAP Rooters while there is a transition of scribes from the Square Root of Fuck All
to Carefree, currently on a cycling tour around Sydney.)

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