Run 2196…Caustic Crusader

Date: 2nd December 2019…………………
Location: Burleigh ……………………………

Run Pictures………………………………………..

Run Number 2196.

26 Runners in attendance.

Gala event at Burleigh Waters.

Hare – Caustic Crusader of whom it’s been said “He has no enemies, but is intensely disliked by his friends.”
What a night it promised to be.
With much anticipation your (STAND-IN) scribe and (STAND-IN) booze master S Bends prepared the eskys, gathered up the Scottish beer and headed up Skyline Terrace for the evenings festivities. The Scottish beer was a bit of a waste really, as Caustic Crusader had forgotten about St. Andrew’s Day.
The hare’s instructions for the walk and run proved rather prophetic, as his opening statement of “Its all downhill from here” proved to be oh-so-true.
The promise of a free beer for the first of either the walkers or runners to return to the bucket created some consternation later in the circle, as exception was taken to the presumption that there was going to be a race in the Hash – Never.
I’m not sure who won that free beer, however, I do know it wasn’t Circumference, Ball Bags or Sweathog. After being lost for just over two hours, they eventually stumbled their way back to the bucket as dry as a Pommie’s bath mat. The only real upside to being lost for that long was that by the time they returned to the bucket, the beer was nice and cold.

Unfortunately, the evening’s exertions were a bit too much for Ball Bags who took his leave and went home early. I don’t blame him. It was a great effort for a runner his age, to make his way up and down those hills for so long and I take my hat off to him. Birthday beers next week Ball Bags.
On the run, Circumference became quite excited when he spotted the two bikini clad lassies on the boardwalk. However what really got his heart racing later was the bloody big snake he nearly ran into. Luckily Sweathog was behind him and able to break his fall when he leapt 10 feet in the air.
After and enjoyable nosh of curry and rice with fruit pies, custard and ice cream for sweets, the (STAND-IN) GM called the circle together.
The (STAND-IN) booze masters of Sir Two Dogs and Sir Blackstump took up the task of filling the down-down chalices. Down downs, in no particular order, went to
Ball Point for going the wrong way at the start of the run.
Returning runners, Hal Al, Ball Point and Dutch Oven.
Then the  (STAND-IN) RA, Shat, took control of the procedings.
Dutch Oven was also charged for not wearing hash gear in the circle and he was joined by S Bends (for not providing proper training on Dutch Oven’s introduction to the hash). Strawberry Fields also joined them for a drink but I’m not sure why.

Sir Ferrett charged Fullershit for lying about Ball Bags’ actual birthday, which was, in fact, on Saturday.

Prick of the week, Y2KY Jelly, was charged, by Ball Point for not wearing The POW regalia in the circle. Not a very smart thing to do in hindsight, as inevitably, (after ruling out the GM for being AWOL and Caustic for inciting racing within the Hash) the POW of the week went back to Ball Point. In Ball Point’s absence next week, Y2KY Jelly will bring it along and there could be some questions on hash committee protocol to be answered.
Sir Blackstump announced that the next run will be at the Community Centre in Nerang and will not involve swimming in the Nerang River, as there’s not enough water.

Special thanks to the (STAND-IN) Trailer Master, Bent Banana.

End of circle – Go home you lot

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