Run 2195…Sir AH

Date: 25th November 2019…………………
Location: Highland Park …………………….

Run Pictures………………………………………..

Run Report 2195


The location was at the end of the car park at the old Masters in Nerang. Lots of helpers set up tables and chairs under a tall street light that turned out later to be none functioning. Eskies were set up to one side. Bent Banana set up the trailer nearby with a serving table beside it.


At precisely 6:15 GM called in the hare Sir AH to give route instructions and to follow chalk, paper and flour. He said that walkers and runners would split off at the end of the water pipeline, walkers left and runners right, then set them off south along Hinkler Drive.


Trail soon turned west through the bush, then followed the fence line at the back of the houses on Orlando Court. We soon joined the pipeline and headed south to Alexander Drive. Here the pack split, runners heading west and walkers heading east. On home was north back up Hinkler Drive to the car park. Walk was about 30 minutes, nice and easy.

The hare had placed a bowl of sliced watermelon and scattered with dates on the table. Ferrett, Hard On and Kwakka were helping carve the leg of ham, and the hare was busy slicing cucumber and tomatoes. An assortment of salads were also ready. Hashers lined up for the nosh. KB came late, I think he got lots of scraps, but seemed to enjoy it. Tarts in little aluminium containers followed, doused in yoghurt.

Once the tables and chairs were put back into the trailer, GM called the circle. Ball Bags was called to give a run report, but immediately started complaining about the scoring for last week’s run. Anyway, he reported that checks were varied, but run was well set, scored 8.

Jigsaw was called to give a walk report. He thought the trail was well marked, up to Alexander Drive. He commented on a former walker, now keen runner, VD, for running part of the trail for the first time in 15 years.

Strawberry Fields was called to give a nosh report. He thought there were many choices of salads and side dishes, although he had trouble understanding what going up for seconds was. He scored a 7. AH got a down down, Hard On gave the note.

Returning runner was Ferrett who had just come back after a 4,800 km RV trip, Circumference gave a note.

Stand in RA Miscarriage stepped in, resplendent in the Prick of the Week gear.

STD was called out for marking territory in full view of the girls from the fitness centre running around the building.

Brutus for having the audacity to give away the PoW without even having it.

KB for talking about Sir Rabbit as if he was dead.

Over achievers VD, who ran for the first time in 15 years, and Strawberry.

Ball Point for graphic description of his reaction to the nosh last week.

Circumference gave them all a note.

RA switched to Prick of the Week and called out STD, Brewtus and Y2KYJelly. Y2KYJelly got it for rushing by and leaving mates behind.

GM resumed duties. Circumference spoke about the Kiwi Pom cricket.Blue Card gave away about 4 hash t-shirts to Strawberry Fields.

GM announced it was 3 weeks to the Hash Xmas run. Get your hats and t-shirts ready. $20 for food and drinks.


Ferrett had two Trinidad and Tobago Interhash regos for sale for US$150 each.

Blackie announced his hash in 2 weeks would be at the Nerang River Community Centre.

Next weeks run by Caustic, location to be announced.

Sir Jo was brought in for suggesting it was better to have a long sexless life rather than to die of prostate cancer.

Ball Point commented on the GM’s cap and wondered where the Captain’s hat was.

Ball Bags closed the circle.

On on

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