Run 2204…Blue Card & Jigsaw

Date: 27th January 2020…………….      …..
Location: Highland Park …………………………

Run Pictures

Hashers gathered convivially in Blue Cards tranquil bush backyard. Everybody could feel the serenity.

The Grand Master called order and Blue Card told the usual lies about the run and his compadre, Jigsaw, also put a spin on it.

The early grouping of  walkers expressed dismay at not getting to see Truckie park the trailer. At that same moment the man himself came powering around the corner with the look of a man on a mission and nearly took out the pack.

We walked up a long hill and into some Singapore daisy infected bush. At a reservoir we lost trail but ended up on a street with a magic view. Sir Prince pointed out the engineering behind a big retaining wall and also noted that Miscarriage had a different approach.

Back at Chez Blue Carde nibbles and drinks  were consumed and conversations had.

Blue Card offered his hash mates a delightful dinner of baked ham, rice salad ,jacket potatoes and all the trimmings.

Desert included  a patriotic Pavlova and a lamington .Top effort BC, possibly Jiggy and probably Maree.

Later, in the circle, rising gourmand Brewtus  enthusiastically described the rice salad as “lovely” and was particularly impressed by the ham being cooked in the weber. He awarded it a deserved 7.9.

Ball Bags snapped the circle back to reality by describing the run as “90%bitumen,old trail, no originality” and reluctantly gave it a score of 5 which was also a figure put up by a walker. Two Dogs suspected the arrows were done from a car and Jigsaw admitted same. Sir AH gave a note.

Returners were Ball Bags, S-Bends Swollen Colon and Now Loved. The GM received a present of some coffee from Panama from  S-Bends and fourteen Tour Down Under hats and a scarf from Now loved who had risked his life in Adelaide to get them. This brought cries of “suckhole ”from the circle.

The Religious Advisor called Weekly out because his son( resident hash opera singer and cultural advisor),Bradley, had gone the wrong way into the  Miami service station thus preventing the RA from getting to the LPG. The baying mob could clearly see it was Weeklys  fault and he was awarded a down down .The RA also said Miscarriage had been in contact re his Cambodian family and requested  the RA to officiate at his upcoming house auction!!?

Swollen Colon took centre stage as the POW and declared he was’ feeling transgender’ and wore the prick backwards to prove it. Cleverly he involved the whole circle as candidates by moving them around the central table and eliminating them by an order of merit that would befit the great  Emperor  Nasi  Goring.

Using Cum Smoke and Foxtrot as a diversion he finally settled on Sir Ferrett for complaining the hosts had not provided English mustard.

A couple of good jokes from Swollen and Arsenic were well received. Ball bags tried but the crowd must have hardened up by then.

Arsenic gave a plug for the upcoming Casino night. This will be a lot of fun in a great and tested venue so  as Molly would say                                 ‘Do yourself…………..        ‘

Next week’s run is Brewtus and is a funny hat night. Best funny hat will win a house repaint by Brewtus.

Thanks to Truckie and Arsenic for their exemplary efforts as usual.

On On

Now Loved

Pressganged Scribe.

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