Splinter Hash Golf 2020

Date: 31st January 2020…………….      …..
Location: Helensvale …………………………
Hashers:44 …………………………………………….

Splinter Lunch Pictures


As the last day of the month of January was on a Friday, the planet’s aligned to produce probably the best ever weather day for this annual splinter lunch event.

While the golfers sweated it on the golf course, Sir Botcho and Lady Cappuccino prepared the locally sourced produce for lunch in their kitchen. The virus free Coronas were iced down and plenty of water bottles were chilled in readiness for the pre-lunch drinks. A new visitor to splinter lunch who was introduced as Zoey strutted her stuff in red lingerie which caught the eye of a few followers of le femme fashion. Later on she caught the eye of those who preferred the more natural look.

Kwakka / Hard On extracted the hard earned from the attendees which soon numbered 44 by the time table service delivered the first course. This
was announced as a chilli mango,avo, salmon stack.

Tournament Director Sir Two Dogs, advised that upon examination of the scorecards that Caustic Crusader’s team had been disqualified as their scorecard did not pass the Price Waterhouse pub test. The well named Strokes of Luck team were declared winners of the 2020 trophy. Zoey presented Kelvinator, Fanny Charmer,Excel Pet and JC with their prizes. It seems that some secret practice and a lesson with a golf pro at Emerald Lakes earlier in the week may have been a help to some and a hindrance to others.

During the cooking of the next course, the guests were treated to an extraordinary display of pyrotechnics,  best described by Sir Ferret as unbelievable. A flame had ignited inside the bbq where the gas bottle was situated. Hashers dispersed in every direction fearing an explosion and a hose was produced to put out the flames.
Swollen Colon would have been salivating in expectation had he attended the lunch. Excel Pet gave a post WPHS debriefing about how all should go to only one designated Assembly Point. However the only assembly point that was getting organised was the line up for the next course. A Wagyu rump served with mushroom sauce, spuds, coleslaw and bread roll was on offer plus condiments. Sir Botcho was joined by Sir Prince Valiant as they served up what they had been cooking over the hot flames.

All agreed the meal was far better than what is normally served up at another regular hash haunt, a well known GC steakhouse.Bottles of red were enjoyed by diners as they masticated their way through the large slabs of bovine.

A couple of quick speeches and attempted joke telling took place before Sir Botcho got a well deserved down down.

A roster was organised for dishwashing duties in the kitchen and the visiting Brisbane hashers were called up first. It was a smart move as it was agreed that while they were busy working, everyone knew where they were and they couldn’t get up to any light-fingered mischevious behaviour like they had in previous visits.

Dessert of berry ice cream with fresh raspberry coulis was offered to those who still had some room in the storage area of their now pretty full stomachs.

Another fine afternoon in keeping with GC splinter hash traditions was thoroughly enjoyed by all, including the regular travellers from Brisbane hash.
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