Run 2232…Hierarchy

Date:14th December 2020…………………..
Location: Surfers Paradise…………………..

Runners: 41………………………………………….

Hash Trash

.. don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story!

The weather was not going to give us a break so we prepared for a wet night for our pub crawl followed by dinner.
We arrived at the usual meeting point outside the backpackers next to Bruce Bishop car park and took shelter, (more like took over) under the awning of the Vegan Asian shop.
The owner Ahhn was happy to have us out front and said it made him look busy. The rain poured but it was a dry argument until Oscar Foxtrot arrived with very cold beers just before 5pm.
After a few nibbles and beers we set off to find the first bar. Fortunately, the Island bar was only 80m away and when the pack arrived the pints of beers were already on the bar and the Hash Cash station was set up.
Due to COVID regulations, the next stop at Kitty O’Shea did not go as smoothly as the Island bar, and we all needed to be seated before the beers would be served. After another pint it was time to head to the third venue for our final drink stop.
After some confusion as to which venue this was and why it was closed the cop on duty said the building was unsafe and had also flooded. So we continued on to La Porchetta, our final venue for the night.
The look on the faces of the families in the restaurant as 40 Santa’s walked in was priceless. Sir Two Dogs shouted out the hierarchy was offering free beers and wine with the meal tonight to the delight of the pack. The food offering was excellent and the quality of the food was great.
Somehow Kitchen Bitch found some Christmas presents to delight the children. The alcohol flowed and the conversation continued.
Unfortunately, the night did not go so well for Oscar Foxtrot who after he delivered the beer at the start of the run he went to the restaurant to drop off the wine.
Unfortunately due to the unsafe building Orchid Ave was closed and Oscar Foxtrot was told to drive the wrong way down the “one way” Orchid Avenue to unload the wines. An overzealous cop came out of the cop shop opposite La Porchetta and berated and booked Oscar Foxtrot and subsequently ruined his night.
There was no Circle and milestone run shirts were awarded to deserving runners by RA Bewtus Then Sir Two Dogs and Brewtus distributed the Christmas present of a casual shirt before the night closed. The feedback was a great night organized by an even greater hierarchy!!
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