Run 2234…Hare Circumference

Date: 28 th December 2020…………………..
Location: Smith St Collective………………….

Runners: 25…………………………………………

Hash Trash .. don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story!

We gathered at the pavilion adjacent to the Sharks Juniors football oval and Circumference set the walkers and the runners off towards Smith St. We used the pathways and a bit of bush before we crossed over the footbridge into Griffith University.  

Circumference had chosen a sacred sight next to the Native Beer God to set up drink stop with cans of “Bluey” beer which was well received by all. Then it was on home. I know this is hard to believe but Truckie was late to start and was last home. 

Unfortunately Sir Blackie had a tumble and damaged himself quite badly. Luckily he is a fit bastard and we did not need to use the defibrillator. 


Entree was corn chips and dips with cold beers. Foxtrot Oscar set up the selection of beers and wines for the last time this year. Next run we start the BYO trial, this should please SBends who has been bringing his own for many weeks now. 

Circle was called early by acting GM Nasty whilst we waited for the hare to cook the pork fillets which were served with Spiced rice salad, beetroot and condiments with bread rolls. 

Acting RA Shat took over after run and walk reports were given by Truckie, Sir Botcho and Sir Blackie

Jokes from Poxie about a Roman Orgy and another joke about Paddy who was told about free sex after 3 pints by his daughter. He finished with a Duck who was a plasterer. SBends told a looong joke about Scottish drinking habits.

 Shat shared his joke followed by Sir Botcho with his joke about a rabbit and the bar man. 

Charges for Pisto and Botcho for not stopping at the beer stop. 

Truckie was charged with being late for lunch

Rug and Fanny were charged for playing cards after they had lunch together 

POW to Carefree who left as the circle started 


DD to Swollen for setting off sky rockets. 

The circle started with no respect as the POW elect walked off to his car and was chased to his car by POW Fanny to award it to him. It ended equally as poorly with Slug appointing himself spokesman for the hashmen who walked away from the circle to get the Nosh whist Foxtrot was sharing his experience of delivering the grog to the Hash Christmas party. This unprecedented behavior was objected to by the remaining hashmen in the circle who were still listening to Foxtrot.


The lack of respect was not fitting for a circle of the Gold Coast Hash. 

Next weeks Run … For those who were more focused on the food than the circle … is Hardon from Macintosh Park. 

On On


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